5 Tips to Become an Awe-Inspiring Entrepreneur

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5 Tips for Inspiring Entrepreneur Mr. Aniketh Jain

Being one’s own boss, calling the shots, and hustling to reach one’s goals – entrepreneurship is the ultimate career goal for many of us. But as exciting as running one’s own business sounds, it’s also unimaginably tough. Entrepreneurship is a journey that comes packed with its fair share of struggles and adventures.


Yet, starting one’s own venture can also be a highly rewarding, exhilarating and interesting career opportunity that one could get. Being responsible for the bottom line means everything falls back on the one person helming the process. But if one knows the right tricks that are needed to be in the skin of the game, then becoming an entrepreneur and reaching the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success isn’t a distant dream.

Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Beginning one’s entrepreneurial journey takes more than just dreaming about it. It involves knowing the right thing to do and having an idea that solves an existing issue. With deep passion, genuine efforts, hard work, a knack for learning, and a great idea, anybody can build a venture that could turn into a roaring success.

Here are 5 tips for those who are looking to step in the entrepreneurial game:

  • Identify Profitable Niche or Idea

The first and foremost thing to do is to find a specific niche. Many people wish to become entrepreneurs, but are clueless about which industry to foray into. More often it turns out that the niche which entrepreneurs usually decide upon happens to be the field in which they have worked for most part of their lives. For instance, if someone has been working at a restaurant for years together, for them running a food service business could be the ultimate idea. Similarly, if someone has been working as a merchandiser with a fashion design agency could tomorrow start their own fashion boutique. Therefore, one’s current experience can be a great place to start looking for a niche. Also, it’s essential that one loves their niche as to stay motivated, one is going to need more than just money to keep them going.

  • Research the Market

Budding entrepreneurs must also research their niche market, analyse the area for demand and seek to build a product which fulfils that demand. Several successful startups were established after the owners noticed a gap in the market. For instance, if someone wants to open a fine dine Chinese restaurant in their hometown, then they must find out if there’s another fine dining in the local area, if local residents can afford to eat at a high-end restaurant or would they rather afford a more moderate place to eat out. Searching the answers to such questions will ensure long-term business success.

  • Network with Other Entrepreneurs

Networking is the sine-qua-non of entrepreneurial success and one can start out by participating in events in the local startup community. Not only does networking with other entrepreneurs help build valuable relationships, but also helps one come up with a variety of ideas.  Strategic networking is key to the startup’s success and popularity. It’s important to find well-connected coveted professionals and platforms of accelerators & incubators for increased visibility. As they say, an entrepreneur’s network equals their net worth.

  • Validate Business Idea with Buyer Persona Research

Before one goes all in, it’s crucial to learn what other people actually would want from the product. In order to gauge the viability of a prospective product in the market, one must begin by understanding their buyer persona. These comprise the real people that the startup will sell its products or services to. No matter how innovative or unique the idea may be, if it doesn’t serve a need then nobody will be interested in buying it. Thus, conducting a buyer persona and market research is essential for the business idea to be successful.

  • Create a Business Plan

Another important step in the process is to draw up a business plan. It’s a formalized document which carries the details of business goals and the steps required to be taken to achieve them. This includes marketing strategy, budgeting, financial projections and possible milestones. An entrepreneur needs to set the tone for company’s mission, goals and long-term vision. Armed with this strategic planning, the business plan becomes an output of one’s hard work and leads the startup to its growth and success.

Summing Up

Becoming an entrepreneur is no mean feat, but it’s not as risky and impossible as many people tend to think. It’s a long journey filled with tiresome days, working weekends, and having to deal with uncertainty which make most people quit even before they start. But when approached with a well-planned strategy, being an entrepreneur is one of the most satisfying and safest careers possible.

Article Contributed by Mr. Aniketh Jain, Chief Revenue Officer, Kaleyra

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