5 Tools Developers Suggest for a Productive Working Environment 

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5 Tools Developers Suggest for a Productive Working Environment  1

Myriad productivity tools abound for developers in 2024. The trick is being able to identify the best tools for the job. Engineers from leading technology companies such as GitHub, Facebook, Google, IBM, and even Uber routinely recommend a combination of tech tools designed for software development. When used correctly, these tools are ideal for fast-tracking processes, enhancing safety and security, improving systems, and minimizing distractions. We begin our discussion with a look at the top five tools developers suggest for a productive working environment:

  •  1 – Jam – Instantly Report Bugs Without Disrupting Your Workflow Process

As its tagline suggests, Jam allows developers to report bugs with zero disruption to workflow. Thanks to Jam, it’s possible to do a screenshot, or send a video of the bug that is disrupting workflow. This is then shared with software developers. Fortunately, much of the process is automated, including the capturing of pertinent information such as comments, logs, network requests, device information, browser data and the like. Given all of this data, developers can identify and make the necessary bug fixes. Jam is fully integrated with some of the best productivity tools in the industry, notably Jira and GitHub. Among the many pros are instant recording/annotation of your screen, autocapture of logs, screenshots and sharing for bug reporting, full integration with popular productivity tools. 

  • 2 – SAST – Static Application Security Testing

Static Application Security Testing tools are powerful resources for software developers to use. These solutions provide peace of mind to developers, and companies. They are focused on applications, notably the source code. AppSec is a major concern for SMEs across the board. Fortunately, a SAST tool can make it much easier for developers to implement a fully comprehensive SAST security solution that builds developer trust by removing tension between them and AppSec teams. Note that SAST differs from DAST (dynamic application security testing), with a notable difference being that the former does not require a program to be executed and the latter analyzes apps at runtime.

  • 3 – Clockify – Develop on Time, Every Time.

The greatest bugbear to productivity is time. That’s where developers can turn to Clockify, a precious resource for enhancing productivity. This time-tracking application allows developers to set timers when new activities commence and then toggle between timers as activity routines change. Clockify serves as an important addition to the range of tools and resources available to developers. It provides graphics, bar charts, and color-coded multidisciplinary analysis.

  • 4 – Marker.IO

Marker.IO is an interesting tool for enhancing developer productivity. As a bug-tracking solution, it is a masterclass. This powerful tool features several primary benefits, notably auto-syncing with PM tools, full data capture, and easy-to-use functionality. It offers visual feedback, website annotations, and single-click reporting solutions. By identifying bugs in the system, Marker.IO’s visual feedback tools include images, arrows, different colors, shapes, blurs, and text over screenshots. Marker.IO can also identify browser-based problems, on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and others.   With a robust feedback system, Marker.IO offers quick-click functionality, easy reporting, and the option to create issues instantly. Available in app form, with limited code, this WordPress-style plug-in is a powerful accoutrement for web developers and productivity.

  • 5 – Sentry – automatically monitor the health of application codes

Software development experts routinely monitor application code for weaknesses which can lead to vulnerabilities. This series of activities assist team members to detect errors and fix them. However, the manual processes are time-consuming and they don’t have to be. That’s where Sentry comes into the equation as an automated process designed to reduce time spent manually searching for vulnerabilities. This makes it much easier to direct activity to more important tasks. As a cloud-based app performance tool, Sentry automatically detects errors, and tracks errors for software developers. It’s ideal for multiple applications, and serves to assist developers when repairing defects, fixing bugs, and improving productivity.

Software developers understand the exigencies of the industry. There is a world of difference between being productive and being busy. Nobody wants to spend all their time being busy when they are not being productive and efficient. It’s imperative to work intelligently with the right developer tools, resources, and know-how.

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