5 Warehouse Security Threats and their Possible Solutions

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5 Warehouse Security Threats and their Possible Solutions 1

Warehouse security management can be overwhelming for both small and large organizations. With increasing possible threats and unforeseen events, organizations pay extreme attention to their warehouse. In addition, organizations need to take care of their raw material and inventory needs appropriately. Proper storage will allow you to make finished goods timely and minimize security risks.

Single warehouse goods damage can massively cause loss, with their values in lakhs. Businesses can even have irreplaceable losses via stock theft and unauthorized intruders. Therefore, it is essential to optimize your entire supply chain, track raw materials and finished goods.

Prevent any unwanted attacks by standardizing your operational processes. Continuous monitoring through warehouse video surveillance can help you prioritize core activities in the organization. Disruption to any of warehouse operations can impact your customer satisfaction scores. With proper management, you can forecast raw material, sales, and quality.


But what kind of threats and solutions should be kept in mind to cross-check the existing warehouse security measures?

In this blog, we will first assess your organization’s warehouse security risks. We will then look at possible solutions to combat these challenges.

Keep on reading to find out how!

Bulgary, Theft and Intruder Detection

It is quite a hassle to protect your storage inside out when many employees are involved in manufacturing, shipping, and transfer assignments. Monitoring storage areas, parking lots, property, and warehouse goods, also called perimeter guarding, is not feasible. Organizations want to spend their energy on core activities and usually hire security personnel to do this job. Did you know that you could instead deploy one personnel to monitor all of your locations through warehouse security cameras? Restricting activities or access to critical areas may even require higher security deployed. Sites with multiple gates need to be monitored even closely on a timely basis to detect if the person, who has entered the premises, is your employee. Intelligent detection will AI-based cameras and sensors will reduce theft risks and detect intruders.

Fire Alarms

Electricity fluctuations pose a threat to the extent that a fire may disrupt the storage materials. As a result, you may not deliver goods to customers on time, thereby reducing your customer satisfaction scores and hampering your brand reputation. In addition, most of the warehouse items are cardboard and wood packaging, which is susceptible to catching fire quickly. Moreover, warehouses need constant electricity supplies, and any fluctuations can also be a reason for sparking and damaged goods. A fire alarm can help you detect a fire early and prevent the warehouse’s valuable stock. It is even crucial to have a fire safety alarm that functions well to avoid false alarms and hamper personnel productivity.

Quality Checks

Maintaining quality inside the warehouse premises before using the raw material for finished goods is critical. Quality measures to check finished goods before delivering goods to the customer can improve customer satisfaction scores. Evidence and validation of any quality or theft mishap require constant monitoring and checks. Make sure to check if such quality measures are in the right direction falls under warehouse challenges. Temperature control sensors can maintain the temperature of goods stored and raise the alarm to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Smoke sensors would detect harmful particles and alert you at the right time on an IoT cloud platform.

Operational Capabilities

Track misplaced shipments using CCTV camera surveillance to avoid untimely delivery and quality issues. Cross-docking of goods, organized goods, stored inventory are basic counts to track assets in any storage area. Integrate inventory and maintain track records of exact material count with security surveillance for a seamless workflow. Monitor goods in real-time using instant alerts for any unwanted activity to prevent losses and untimely deliveries to the customer’s doorstep. A warehouse surveillance system in place can reduce employee negligence in loading and unloading goods at specified times, making them follow SOP adherence and your organization’s policies.

Video Retrieval

If there is a gap between the quality of the processed goods, raw material count, or finished goods shipment, we should trackback the footprints of the goods. To do so, you certainly require video surveillance to detect theft or quality mishaps. In such cases, cloud storage comes handy to prevent such losses. Educating your employees about the CCTV camera surveillance in the picture can warn them of unforeseen events. Cloud storage with intelligent analytics can be an outstanding solution. Moreover, having a camera that is not just reliable, can work both with or without an internet connection, captures smart analytics, is affordable can go a long way to secure your premises professionally.

Summing Up

Ideal warehouse storage requires an intelligent and robust warehouse security system. AI-based IoT camera esurveillance can give 100% visibility to multiple locations in one glance. Real-time updates allow you to take preventive actions for theft and unauthorized access and provide a unified platform for centralized storage and retrieval. Ask suggestions from your employees, working on ground level, for any possible security threats. Streamline workflows, add security layers and identify critical activities. Then, implement action plans accordingly to balance company asset protection and warehouse storage. Such security measures will also bring more confidence in your employees, push them to work harder, and will imbibe a sense of security in their minds.

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