5 Ways 3D Printing Can Benefit Your Business

By Sony T
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5 Ways 3D Printing Can Benefit Your Business 1

Although 3D printing technology is not brand new yet many businesses have not embraced it yet. Statistics show that in the next 3 to 5 years it will become indispensable and the IT services not using it will lose their competitive edge. 3D printing brisbane provided 3000 protective shields in just 5 days; this is just a small example of how much potential the technology holds.. Here are some of the benefits that 3D printing will bring in to grow your business enormously:


1.   Efficiency in Prototype Development:

A Lot of effort, time and resources go into developing blue chips and prototypes because they should be just perfect. The time consumed in preparing prototypes decreases the efficiency of the manufacturing process. 3D printing solves this problem because it is completely computer controlled and it gives a preview of the final product before processing starts, thus valuable time and resources are saved.

2.   High Quality Output:

Product quality is the key to attracting customers. People will rather spend a little more money to get a top notch product than save money and get sub standard goods. 3D printing makes it possible to produce high quality products at lower costs. The 3D printer uses computer based modern technology which makes it possible to produce an exact replica of the prototype or blue print that was accepted. In this way there are fewer chances of production of low quality goods. The important products like dental braces and parts of aircraft or other important and expensive machinery are now manufactured by 3D printing.

3.   Reduced Expenditure:

Overhead costs which include rent, power, administrative cost and much more, are among the biggest concerns of every large company. A large company has higher rents, higher power usages and more man power, as a result of which their expenditure on maintenance is enormous. Usage of 3D printers reduces the maintenance expenditure because it occupies less space, needs less human intervention and uses less power. As a result of using 3D printers, you can offer the customers high quality service at lower costs.

4.   Minimal Manpower:

3D printers utilizes smart technology that is almost entirely computer based and does not require much human labor. It is much smaller than the usual processing plant so the number of humans required is also less than normal. New 3D printers use a range of materials that can be integrated by using various softwares and they can be operated remotely.

5.   Efficiency Boost:

For manufacturing perfect products perfect systems are required and it takes a lot of time and resources in keeping the systems up to date and errorless. A faulty production line can cease production for days on end until it is fixed which is time consuming causing serious loss to the company. As the prices of 3d printers are dropping and the technology is improving rapidly, they are becoming more efficient and reliable than conventional processing units. The 3D printer is less likely to get errors and even if it does, the errors are not that time consuming to fix.


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