5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save The Planet

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save The Planet

Just like in a Sci Fi movie, we see how the world gets transformed with the help of Artificial Intelligence; we also see that Artificial Intelligence is also shown in Cartoons. Artificial Intelligence notes help in studying the weather changes and how our natural resources are getting exhausted day by day.Applications of Artificial Intelligence helps in making our lives better. We can’t predict few things but advantages of Artificial Intelligence can help in study of the natural resources easily. They can be predicted more efficiently. There are 5 ways Artificial Intelligence can help save the planet.

Previously the use of computers was restricted to a class or section of people only. Computers were mostly used for any government works or scientific works. But these days we are all surrounded by Smartphone and computers. The accesses of the devices are not only easy but have become cheap also.

  1. Climatology

Applications of Artificial intelligence is largely used to study the weather as well as keep an eye on any unnatural events. It helps in predicting the rain as well as the earthquake also. It also helps in minimizing the risk factor and alerting the people also. The results can be found quickly. The natural disasters in the last few decades have largely impacted our lives because the lack of Artificial Intelligence notes. It not only helps in alerting people but all it also helps in reducing the loss of lives.

  1. Unknown biological discoveries

Artificial Intelligence can reveal the biological treasures. DNA sequence tracking have been started to trace the origin of the people. It only helps in tracing the discoveries and their codes. It also helps pharmaceutical companies have a track record also. For example we see in the umbilical cord banks. With the use of these modern technologies we find out that umbilical cords are preserved for future use.

  1. Preventing natural disasters

Artificial Intelligence helps in learning the data from the initial levels only. During any natural calamity the Government also thinks to take the right decision. Artificial Intelligence helps in analyzing them real time. Just like the social media analyzes any social trend, the Artificial Intelligence does the same.

  1. Illegal trade of our natural resources

The illegal trades of natural resources are a billion dollar industry. It is hampering our Mother Earth. It largely includes trading of expensive woods in the forest to illegal fishing the coral reefs. All these are leading to extinction of the valuable resources. The Artificial Intelligence helps in preventing illegal fishing or leaving out any specific tree. Artificial Intelligence helps us in protecting them

  1. Wind and water

Just like the 3 basic necessities of our lives, there are 3 irreplaceable natural resources like the wind, water and sun. They can be located in any place. But binding them all together becomes the real big challenge.

The AI helps in binding them all together. They act more swiftly than any humans in these cases. This technology has everlasting effects on sustainability.

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