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5 ways to get more from your social analytics

Social media is so vast and versatile. It started out as a way to connect people. Well, it still does the old trick however, it is doing something more as well. Blindly posting advertisements won’t do any good. You need to find your market and you should see who your target audience are. If you don’t spend your resources wisely, there is no easy way in social media marketing. However, we have some metrics and graphs called social analytics. These are insanely helpful for digital marketers.

Even when you have these metrics, you should see how much of it makes sense and how much of those metrics are useless. Not all of them show you a way to higher growth and larger reach.

No matter how well your audience receive your content and applaud your business, you need to make sure everything is going down as planned. To make sure everything is going according to the plan, you need to have a plan. Well, the plan is to measure the performance and know what your lacking in.5 ways to get more from your social analytics1

Here are 5 ways to get more from your social analytics:

  1. What kind of posts are performing well on social media platforms? Well, not all kinds of posts bid well with the audience. There might be a type of posts which your targeted audience like. Finding this out can help your social media marketing immensely. None of your audience want to see unwanted junk in their feed. So, if you can crack this mostly your posts will have high engagement. You can use social analytics tools like Sproutsocial and Google Analytics.
  2. What time is ideal to upload your posts? Surprisingly not all hours of the day are good for maximum post engagement. See what time is ideal for your audience and try to post in that time window. Compared to other social analytics research finding out the ideal time is the hardest. You can do this with any social analytics platform, however, this process takes time because you need more surveillance on your posts than usual.
  3. Which social media platform is best suited for your business model. Just like the other metrics mentioned, you need be careful in choosing the right platform to make your point to your intended audience. Google Analytics is the best way to find out which social media platform is getting more engagement from the audience.
  4. Occasionally make sure you check your overall growth rate. Post by post, ideal time and even figuring out the best medium to publish your posts are not enough. If your total follower rate does not increase over time or your post engagement decreases over time you need to be worried. Comparing your current metrics with older ones will give you insights into your growth rate. May be the post you posted today is the best one in this week, but did you check the performance of this very post over the year? If you didn’t already, you should start doing it now.
  5. Be kind to those people who share your posts. These are those people who can translate your posts to totally different sphere of audience. Who knows how much influx of audience can these people get? So, when someone reposts or shares your post in some other social media platform or share it in their own page, acknowledge them and say, “Thank You”.

If you think social analytics is waste of time, then you are utterly mistaken. Social analytics may consume a lot of your time, but the results are unparalleled. To execute your next step, you need to know where you stand, and social analytics can make sure you never fall off the ledge unknowingly.


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