5 Ways of Increasing Employee Engagement through Technology


Having a good employee engagement will take your business to next level easily without any trouble. However, many business owners fail to enhance employee engagement so that they face many troubles in achieving their business goals.

Do you know that employee engagement is a serious business? According to the recent study, only 30% of employees are engaged and 50% of employees are not engaged whereas 20% of employees are actively disengaged.

These will cause a severe problem and issues in the workplace. Similar to this, plenty of surveys show that about 25 – 35% of employees are only engaged in their work.  Probably, it is the right time to find out the smarter ways to increase employee engagement through technology. You should definitely look at these employee engagement strategies and software.

Importance of employee engagement in the workplace

Employee engagement in a company is nothing more than the measure of how your staff emotionally invested in the company. In simple words, employee engagement is the emotional commitment of the employee towards the company and its goals.

Keep in mind that an engaged staff always wants the organization to succeed instead of just getting the next paycheck. In fact, they believe in the organization’s mission and objectives. Additionally, they keep on working for the company growth because they realized that their personal growth is interconnected with the company’s growth.

When your company does not have engaged employees, you will not be succeeding in reaching your business goals. You should never treat the employee as the tool for generating profit. Do you want to increase the employee engagement in your workplace? If so, then modern technology will help you a lot.

Are you wondering how technology will help you enhance staff engagement? Well, read the article completely to know about the use of technology in staff engagement.

Ways to enhance employee engagement through technology

Below mentioned are five different methods for using technology to increase the workforce engagement.

  • Encourage collaborative working

One of the important methods of communication for your business is collaboration. This kind of communication within all the departments will assist to make your company successful. Additionally, the collaborative efforts allow the departments to distinguish between goals, budgets, and project management timelines.

To stay connected the employees of different departments you can use in-house networking and intranet services. This makes staffs remain engaged as well as work between departments over the PC.

  • Social engagement within the work environment

One of the best ways to strengthen the relationship between you and your staff is creating social interaction using technology. Developing the platform to engage socially with your staff is highly beneficial for creating brand awareness.

Employees can also actively work to promote the business by posting ideas and thoughts about the company or any upcoming projects. This kind of efforts can assist your business reach the prospect and new clients easily.

Workforce environment and technology will continue to develop throughout the years. The ability to use these sources will help you enhance your employee interactions within the workplace. When you allow employees to use this technology, it helps them encourage ideas, strengthen company performance, and improve innovation.

  • Reduced stress and tension

Plenty of reasons are available for people feeling stressed in the workplace whether it may be too much of work to complete, a lack of direction, uncertainty about their job role, or something else. Innovation and technology can solve several problems from making efficient onboarding and training to sending automated reminders for project deadlines.

Several tools and apps can help people eliminate stress and make their work workplace a cold environment. Using the right tool, you can reduce the staff stress, which means they can work more productive than ever before.

  • Use of modern technology

Working with the older tools and technology within your workplace may affect your workers in many ways. When you embrace innovation, your staffs will also feel like that you are a forward-thinking company. Thus, ready to engage with the latest trends and tools.

Currently, most of the workers wish to do their work on their own devices such as mobile phone, tablets, etc. Using the intranet, cloud storage, and project management system, you can render your team members utilize the right resources and tools to complete the project from anywhere virtually.

  • Telecommuting and flexibility

It does not necessary to complete all the work in the workplace. Most of the tasks can be handled from the remote location or home. If you want to guide your business in the right direction, then give access to a larger pool of talent. They will complete the task on their own time.

Technology also makes it simpler and easier for your team member to work from any location, check their project status, and access the files they require virtually. Scheduling tools make your team members work more flexible and promote the business growth.


Above-mentioned are five important ways you can utilize to create higher employee engagement in your company using technology. Usually, workers want freedom and this is what technology offering now. Therefore, using the technology properly, you can able to achieve whatever you want.



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