5 Ways The Internet Of Things Grow Your Business

The assumption is that ‘Internet of Things' is going to make everyday life better and easier by connecting regular products and services with people. If the businesses can handle it intelligently enough then a company's product can enable them to be engaged with the consumer by staying relevant. In a world which is getting more and more competitive, maintaining one's brand loyalty is not so easy anymore, because consumers have plenty of choices. This is why businesses are looking for creative and novel ways to restore the lost relationship with their consumer and influence buying decision in a timely manner. IoT’s effect on Strong and Weak brands Needless to say that, consumers will remain loyal to brands that meet their requirements repeatedly, regardless of the advent of new information technologies like IoT. However, in the era of IoT, weak brands will be punished and perished faster and good ones will stand forte. But the gap will be widening between branded and brand agnostic products. Digitally native vertical brand or products like Bonobos, Warby Parker or Casper are born and on the internet and became a brand by the followers on social media. Without the internet and social media, these would not have been called ‘brands'. These products or brands will be the strongest players when the IoT influenced commerce will fully unleash. On the other hand, products like replenishment goods could become less relevant due to increased automation in this connected world. In a world connected through internet consumption pattern will be more predictable in nature and the way customers purchase certain products or services will change forever. Internet of Things will drive a major portion of purchase decision from active to passive. This transition is more likely to affect frequently ordered products such as household supplies and replenishment goods. Smart Products will change the way people purchase One of the companies who are aware of this transition and quick to capitalize on this is Amazon. Amazon, the world largest online retailer has introduced Amazon Dash service which enables consumers to order consumables by the tap of a button. It is a simple Wi-Fi connected device which works as a bridge between the consumer and the supplier. This technology equips the appliance itself to place order automatically based on consumer’s usage of the machine. The full integration of a service like this is more passive and is an example of what IoT can do for commerce when it is fully developed and integrated into consumers’ lives. A consumer or a family’s subscription for an item from a retailer will be based on the previous purchase history. It is the Smart decision that businesses take will make the difference The “Internet of Things” has started to echo in the growing number of connected products and ushering the new opportunities they can represent. However, this does not make it easier to understand the actual phenomenon or its implications. The internet is simply a mechanism for transmitting data or information. What is actually changing or making the whole environment smart is the change in the nature of “things”. The expanded capacities of smart connected products and the data they gather that are dawning a new era of competition. Businesses should look beyond the technologies and rather look into the competitive transformation that is taking place. But connected products will not automatically go to rebuild the brand loyalty that is diminishing. The challenge for the businesses is to use the smart product to reconnect with consumers in the moments that matter – it is influencing customers from the moment they decide to buy a product and till they consume it if they want to attract consumer attention and increase brand value.

Nowadays, with the tremendous increase in technology, each sector is reaching out to improve itself with the help of technology. The business sector is one of them. The evolution of increasingly connected devices reduces the growth of the Internet of Things. The technology has the potential to reach every aspect of today’s lives, improving efficiency and productivity in every field of work.

What Is IoT?

“IoT is typically defined as a network of devices that can communicate with each other to send, receive, and assess data.” Considering reports, it is estimated that more than half of new businesses are going to run on IoT by 2020, making them more automated and saving millions in increased productivity in the process. 

However, with this technology in improving business productivity, a significant question is on how can IoT assist in making business work smarter?

Here are the five reasons you might want to implement the INTERNET OF THINGS in your business sector.

Data Sharing Made Easy :

Any person owning a business would know how a large amount of data is exchanged daily. As if now humans are so much dependent on technology, it is mandatory to upgrade our terms!

From managing inventories to improving personalized shopping experiences and assisting in data mining, IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming how people do business today. 

Data sharing and understanding the preservation of data based on the amount of privacy that is to be maintained.

All the businesses in today’s world function with the assistance of data collection using the IoT, ie. Internet of things. Although CRM solutions for SMEs also plays a vital role in growing a small business. IoT has helped companies in many ways to grow their accuracy rates and revolutionized data processing. Apart from allowing data access to the users, IoT devices can keep track of the data shared and in which the data is being shared.

Productivity And Efficiency:

As companies are now encouraging a large number of technologies into their offices equipped with IoT devices, an effort towards smart offices has begun. Offices are utilizing several connected devices to monitor, control, and manage various operations across a business. IoT in companies can offer them a range of benefits, from streamlining routine tasks and increasing security to improving the comfort level of the workspace, all contributing to a more efficient and productive workforce.

Streamlining Management And Improving Supply Chain

Using the technology instances on inventory can provide managers with real-time access to the accurate location and projected delivery status of an asset. Smart tags and sensors can also assist in keep tracking of inventory levels in real-time and can even track where an item is in a warehouse or store.

Assisting In Devising Coordinate Operations

The massive volume of data customized laboriously from IoT devices makes IoT beneficial for businesses. Many companies right now are utilizing smart sensors into their buildings to perceive when individual rooms are mostly occupied and where employees spend the majority of their time. 

Enhancing Customer Interactions

IoT has the potential to improve Business-Customer interaction effectively. It offers enterprises an astounding new way to interact with their customers, and that much of this interaction can be digitized and automated. Every business can take advantage of it and can efficiently boost their productivity as it has become affordable!

Remote Work:

Remote working is undoubtedly a trend that is becoming more popular as the days go by. For nearly a decade, the possibility of working from home has become more feasible for workers everywhere, and it is almost all thanks to technology. 

The internet of things brings efficiency and accessibility on a level never seen before, and this is what has allowed remote working to gain a foothold it has in modern society. With the IoT powering many different aspects of contemporary work practices, it’s no surprise that remote working opportunities are flourishing as well. In roles that can feasibly work from home.

Improvised Safety And Security

IoT services integrated with sensors and video cameras help monitor the workplace to ensure equipment safety and protect against physical threats. The IoT connectivity coordinates multiple teams to resolve issues promptly.

Cost Saving

The improved asset utilization, productivity, and process efficiencies can save your expenditures. For example, predictive analytics and real-time diagnostics drive down the maintenance costs.

IoT has reached the pinnacle of inflated expectations of emerging technologies. Even though IoT offers great potential value, organizations must overcome some significant challenges like data and information management issues, lack of interoperable technologies, security and privacy concerns, and the skills to manage IoT’s growing complexity. However, a professional IoT service provider can overcome these challenges and increase your return on investment.

Productivity And Comfort :

And yes, of course, A comfort level in the office! Who would deny that?!

  • Maintenance with IoT printers
  • Intelligent lighting with smart bulbs
  • Smart assistants for office awareness
  • Replace conservators with smart vacuums
  • Track equipment with IoT tagging
  • Keep productivity up with smart coffee machines

Written by Synthia Wright

Synthia Wright started caring deeply about technology at a young age after her mother purchased her a GameBoy Color and Nintendo 64, and she's been an enormous techie ever since. Gaming aside, in her spare time, She spends far too much time at the computer on sites like also enjoys fishing, kayaking across the Potomac River, as well as helping her family and friends make smart purchases on the latest technology.

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