5 Ways to Optimize Your Home for Cloud Gaming

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Home for Cloud Gaming 1

Cloud gaming is set to continue to rise in popularity throughout 2021. In spring, Microsoft plans to launch their Xbox cloud gaming component for iOS and other PCs, which will let players engage with Xbox games on other devices. The question is: are we ready for cloud gaming? What can you do to optimize your home for cloud gaming?


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Incorporate 5G

5G has been the buzzword in technology for some time now, owing to the many benefits it is set to usher in upon its rollout – whenever that may be. For those wanting to game on the go, having access to 5G is imperative. Even for those who’ll be gaming in the house, if 5G is offered through your network provider, this could be the gateway to a fully optimized cloud gaming set-up.

5G is personified by high speeds and low latencies, which are perfect for cloud gaming, especially multiplayer games. However, some suggest that 5G alone won’t be enough to head off any lag issues and that the improvement of edge computing stands between 5G internet users and the true benefits of the technology. While 5G is important to optimize a home for cloud computing, it needs to be part of a wider slate of improvements.

Ensure Strong Network Connection

One of the most important aspects for cloud gaming to work is to maintain a strong and dynamic network connection. Games that will be optimized best for cloud gaming will be ones that require a lot of information to be shared over the network. Internet lag could impact your enjoyment of the game and in some cases prevent you from playing.

Once your home connection is fully updated, you may experience benefits in other aspects of entertainment, too. For example, streaming services will be faster, and you may better benefit from multiple download streams at the same time. Households may even be able to stream from multiple devices at once, which might not be possible on existing internet connections.

Moreover, those who want to engage with the growing iGaming industry and play mobile casino games will find that the experience is also elevated with a stronger network connection. Live casino games, such as poker and roulette, have gained popularity, especially as people play on the go. A stronger network connection will mean that there is less lag, and the games are more enjoyable – you are seeing a dealer live in front of you, after all, so you will want to ensure you can actually experience it.

Find the Best Router

A strong internet connection alone isn’t enough when it comes to optimizing your home for cloud gaming. A serviceable router is also imperative. The router must be able to connect to all devices easily, must offer a low-latency connection, and should support the high demand of cloud gaming on bandwidth. Routers should have gigabit LAN ports, which means that they can provide internet speeds of 1,000 Mbps.

While the best option would be to ensure you have a router capable of high processing, traffic accelerating software or hardware could also be used to aid existing routers. Prioritizing the necessary traffic of the router with QoS (Quality of Service) equipment can also be undertaken. This helps rank which devices need the most bandwidth, which could be beneficial for players. But for those who want to plug in and play, beginning with a suitable router is the best option.

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Choose the Right Devices

Cloud gaming allows you to use different devices – such as a PC or mobile device – to play games that were designed for Xbox or PlayStation. So, to ensure that you can actually do this, you’ll need the device you are playing on to be fully optimized too.

The processing power of a PC is usually competent, so you should be able to handle console games. When the same title is offered on both PC and a console, the graphics and interface are usually better on PC. So, most modern PCs should be able to engage with the Xbox one games, for instance.

Mobile devices may need a further push when it comes to being accessible for those who want to use them for cloud gaming. Existing cloud gaming models – such as PlayStation Now, PS4 Remote Play, and Xbox Game Pass – currently allow mobile users to engage with their console games.

As the technology is designed for those on the go – reflecting the importance and commerciality of mobile gaming – most have ensured that recent iterations of iOS and Android phones can handle the games just as they would on their original consoles. Indeed, 82% of the Indian gaming population play smartphone games for up to 10 hours per week.

Enhance Gaming Set-Up

Not all aspects of enjoying cloud gaming will come from technological specifications. Gaming can be intense, especially when playing an MMO-style game. Some streamers log upwards of 10 hours a day.

So, the gaming set-up must be conducive not just for optimal gaming, but to reinforce healthy habits. For instance, ensuring you have a dedicated gaming area including a gaming chair, a monitor that doesn’t require you to crane your neck, and a user-friendly controller/mouse set-up is also crucial.

Long-term effects of prolonged gaming haven’t been analyzed yet, but researchers have suggested that injuries to the wrist and elbow, neck and back pain, and even joint disorders could be common side effects of extensive gaming. You can avoid this by ensuring your screen, chair, and controllers are all ergonomic and provide comfort as well as practicality.

Cloud gaming may still be in its infancy as far as wider adoption goes, but the benefits and technical provisions it offers means that it will likely be the norm soon enough. This means that those wanting to engage with it must ensure that their existing gaming set-up is suitable for cloud gaming. Not only will the physical set-up need to be considered, but the router, the internet connection, and devices you’ll be playing on will also need to be optimized.

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