5 Ways to Unlock a Career in Data Science Field

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Career in Data Science Field

The fast-growing field of Data Science is spreading its wings across all sectors of the society, and the demand for such professionals has only increased over the years. Data scientists crunch numbers and data to find creative solutions to complex problems. An IBM study suggests that there will be an increase of 28% in the demand of data scientists in 2020. If you are thinking of making a career in it, then this is the right time to start with a specialized course and gain expertise in the area.


In India, you can pursue a data science course in Bangalore and get hands-on experience from industry experts. Apart from pursuing a course, you must also keep in mind a few other things that can help you grow in your career.

Find a Niche

Your first move must be to decide your division of the data science field as it is vast. You can choose from broad sub-fields like machine learning, deep learning, data engineering, data architecture. Choose the area according to your interests and skills.

Learn as well as educate yourself

There are only a few traditional universities or schools that offer this course, but there are many academies in India that offer online data science courses in Bangalore. As the field is evolving every day, you must educate yourself with the proper course to hone your skills. Also, while learning, put your skills to use as much as possible, and build your portfolio.

Build your brand and network

It is vital to building an online brand of yourself to succeed in the field. You must showcase your expertise with the educational qualifications you possess. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends of the industry and update your resume with the most recent projects. You can also attend data science events whenever you get a chance. It will help you learn a lot about your field’s happenings.

Communicate with your alike

A good communication skill is a plus for every trade. It helps you summarize your projects, deliverables, and discoveries. Once you have honed the craft of communicating ideas and thoughts, you are already one step ahead of others in the field. Also, connect with your likes on online media platforms to learn better.

Focus on Strengths

You must focus on perfecting the skills you already possess and not try gaining all of them and be moderately talented. It will surely set you apart from other candidates at the time of the interview. For instance, if you are good at data analyzing, you must refine it with a specialized course from a data science training institute in Bangalore. Give yourself an edge over others.

Skills Required for an Excelling Career in Data Science

  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Math skills
  • Ingenuity
  • Effective communication
  • Business acumen

Fastest Data Science Job Roles Growing in the Market

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Big Data Specialist
  • Data Visualization Consultant

Unlock Your Career in Data Science Field

Learning data science can sometimes be intimating, especially when you are starting your journey. Learn from the above tips to outgrow your career and become a successful data scientist. If you are in India and want to pursue a specialized course, get enrolled in a reputed institute like Jigsaw Academy, and get hands-on experience from industry experts. The course will teach you basics and advanced concepts of the industry, also help you stay updated on the latest trends.

Data Science Training in Bangalore will only help you sharpen your skills and land better chances of growing your career. As there is a vast ocean of opportunities in the field, you must always strive to learn more every day. The field holds a promising future because of the upcoming digital era; therefore, it is only imperative to learn from the industry experts or gain knowledge from a data science course in Bangalore.

Set a framework not only for coding but also for yourself to succeed.

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