5 Ways You Can Make Your Tech Startup Look More Trustworthy

By Sony T
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5 Ways You Can Make Your Tech Startup Look More Trustworthy 1

When it comes to running a business, having the trust of your customers, clients, or prospective future customers/clients is essential to your success. Businesses that do not appear trustworthy are unlikely to be able to bring in new customers and can even turn away their existing customer base.


When it comes to businesses in the technology industry, trust is especially important. In this article, we will look at five of the ways you can make sure your tech startup presents a trustworthy image to the public.

Follow Data Protection Laws and Guidelines

Data protection laws differ all over the world. For example, in the European Union businesses must abide by GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation. This law changes the storage of customer data for marketing or other purposes from an “opt-out” to an “opt-in” system.

Even if data protection frameworks such as this are not legally required where you are, it can still be a good idea to follow recommended guidelines and develop a similar data protection plan that is company policy. This can put customers’ minds at ease that protection of their data is an important concern for your company.

Use Strong Cybersecurity Software and Procedures

Data breaches and similar cyberattacks can cause huge problems for consumers as well as for businesses! If sensitive customer data that your company is storing is stolen by cybercriminals, this can hugely damage your customers’ trust in you. To make sure that this does not happen, follow strict cybersecurity procedures and invest in high quality cybersecurity software.

Display Certifications

Once you have developed secure procedures and installed the right cybersecurity software, your customers will need to know that this is the case. You can display relevant certification in your physical office, on your company website, and anywhere else that may be relevant.

Certifications are not just for cybersecurity—certifications for health and safety compliance and insurance are also useful. If you are interested in getting your company insured and certified, you can get your certificate of insurance in minutes online.

Share Positive Customer Feedback

Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet. When it comes to marketing your company, nothing is more effective in winning the trust of new customers than social proof. If a customer gives you positive feedback, consider sharing it on your website or marketing material—just make sure that you get that customer’s permission to do so. Testimonials are an excellent way of boosting your brand persona.

Always Be Transparent

Unfortunately, everyone has “off days”. If there is a mistake carried out by an employee or as a result of flawed company procedures, it is best to own up to the mistake and be transparent with your customers. This can be a minor mistake such as a typo, or a serious error such as a data breach.

Although you may be worried that revealing the mistake publicly could result in reduced trust from the public, the ramifications of attempting and failing to cover up these mistakes can be many times worse. Once you have apologized for errors, let your customers know that you are taking concrete action to prevent these errors from being repeated in the future. Many customers will actually trust you even more if you are able to be honest.

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