5G for Digital Marketing: Key Things to Know


Generally considered as the next generation network standard 5G can literally transform the connectivity and web activities more than any other technologies so far. Apart from boosting the internet speed to a never-before proportion 5G will alter every aspect of the consumption of digital content and marketing. Naturally, 5G has a big deal in store for the marketers to take this upcoming network standard more seriously. As many business leaders emphatically say, 5G can be the greatest harbinger of transformation to the modern businesses ever since the web technology.

What is 5G?

5G is the short term for the latest and upcoming 5th generation broadband network technology. This new high-speed mobile connectivity and networking technology being capable to connect numerous devices to the web is expected to offer a quantum leap in terms of data speed. While every subsequent broadband and cellular network standard offers an incremental increase in speed compared to its predecessors, 5G is supposed to deliver a speed which is literally massive and overwhelming in proportion.

The Key Difference between 5G & 4G

You can be tempted to give all this buzz about 5G a pass since you are already happy with the 4G connectivity and you find nothing to complain about it. So many people using 4G technology basically think in that same wavelength. But you have no idea about how this satisfaction can take a quantum leap when you start using 5G connectivity.

According to industry experts and all credible sources of information, 5G is going to transform the data speed and delivery in a never-before way. Right now, the only difficulty and inhibition the users across the niches experience is particularly visible in data streaming or real-time data delivery. This is particularly where 5G can really win over the performance and speed of 4G connectivity. With 5G real-time data streaming without compromising on data quality will be a permanent reality.

Some of the key enhancements that you can experience with 5G technology over 4G include the following.

  • 10 times faster data download speed.
  • Faster ever mobile responsiveness with least latency or delay.
  • Optimum quality in streaming data for video, FaceTime and complete absence of any lag time.
  • Real-time information sharing, collaboration and communication become fastest ever without any lag time.
  • Best ever connectivity for internet of things gadgets and devices.

When 5G is Officially Going to be Launched? 

The launch of 5G technology and availability largely depends on your location and the service providers you ask for it. In a few US cities, 5G broadband will be made available from this month. But when it comes to the availability of 5G for mobile users, AT&T is likely to be the first company to launch 5G technology in a selected few US cities at the end of 2019.

Other major cellular service providers such as Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are supposed to launch 5G sometime in the next year. Vodafone as of now could come with a particular date and plan to launch the network for its cellular services. Considering all, the 5G network is expected to be made available over the span of the next few years across various global cities.

How Mobile Marketing Will Be Changed Beyond Recognition by 5G Technology?

The benefit of fast internet speed for marketers is already evident across the channels and niches. As digital marketing tend to be more visual, real-time and interactive in character, faster data speed became a crucial aspect to ensure optimum output and traction. Moreover, the latest visual and immersive technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are already playing a key role in serving users most engaging contents and such new visual technologies require faster data speed. Considering all these aspects, 5G seems to be the ideal technology to cater to the speed cravings of modern digital marketing campaigns and communication.

Let us now explain some of the key areas where 5G technology can really play a bigger role in transforming mobile marketing to gain app development success.

Fastest Ever Data Processing

5G technology is capable to process a larger amount of data at a higher speed than ever before. That’s surely going to change the way we consume data and respond to them.

The practical implications of this will be huge for marketing campaigns. Fast of all, zero latency in load time irrespective of the liar of data will wipe away the advertisement load time. This will in effect will reduce the bounce rate and help to increase the ad revenue.

Faster load time becoming a common standard among all advertisements and marketing contents will actually help to deliver a more level playing field between big brands and the smaller and startup brands. At least to ensure optimum data speed, everyone in the market can stand on an equal footing. This will help marketers to focus on innovation and other aspects of content marketing.

Faster data speed will also boost real-time communication through Chatbots and similar means. Whether it is about being able to help users through automated messaging or communicating them to guide through an interface, faster data speed will make things more frictionless.

Mobile Video and Real-Time Streaming

Mobile video for some time has become the most popular type of content for digital marketing and since 4G arrived a couple of years ago, we have seen a huge upsurge in mobile video contents across all channels. While this will continue for some time, the 5G will give a further boost to the video contents.

Apart from video contents, live streaming video will play a bigger role in the marketing content mix thanks to the huge boost in data speed through the 5G network. Thanks to 5G network, video and live streaming contents will be more ubiquitous and commonplace.


5G apart from all the crucial advantages for modern mobile marketers will also transform the way we utilize data and data-driven analytics. With the availability of 5G marketers will focus more on utilizing real-time analytics to garner actionable insights about the market and customers in real time.


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