5G will enable a new era of opportunity

5G will enable a new era of opportunity

According to recent studies, 5G, i.e. Fifth Generation is going to have visible material impact. Experts are constantly trying to make predictions in this regard, as well as quantify this impact. Some of the studies are centered on its cost aspect, while other focus on the importance of 5G in the society. But, even as the studies proceed, one thing can be said with more surety:  5G is likely to stimulate some innovations in different industries. It will create a platform for emerging technologies including the IoT i.e. Internet of Things to turn into an integral section of our lifestyle, as well as the society.  How will we see an overall development of technology and improvement in opportunities?

Changes in market dynamics of Telecom                     

Recently, Prof. David A. Bader of Georgia Institute of Technology, said that 5G will open up a new age of opportunities. He mentioned that 5G will create new chances, as it will enable us to gather data that is sensed across the globe, and then transmit it, as well. Thus, it will allow the scope of innovation by using our creativity, for newer methods of improving the human conditions. For instance, if we take into account our homes, we will be able to recognize the presence of technologies of Automated Learning. Be it the thermostats, the energy-efficient refrigerators, or the Wi-Fi. In keeping up with that, it can be said that all our electronic devices will soon run on 5G, a technology that will allow the devices to stay connected to each other and form a network of information, making communication much faster with new apps and products to give us personalized solutions and services.

Trials and studies of 5G                                                                                                       

Ryan Ding, Executive Director of Huawei, and President of its Carrier Network, recently addressed the trial and error associated with 5G services and its explorations, and he mentioned that Huawei’s X-Labs, established in 2016, can bring together partners and carriers, so that for the exploration and development of innovations in applications with new ecosystems. X Labs has also recognized ten 5G cases that looked most promising, and these include cloud Artificial/Virtual Reality, socal networks, drones, etc., which range from healthcare to entertainment. Continue to research on these, and keep updating and publishing the results. These trial and error processes at low cost will help to provide a strong platform for better application of 5G.

5G and its Impact on Internet of Things                                                                                                   

With 5G being considered as the basic foundation for recognizing the true possible capacity of IoT, it is all ready for commercial access presumably from 2020, and the industry has started working on the development for new international standards, for the benefits of industries all over the world. Reportedly, by 2022, 5G will get 550 m subscriptions. Internet of Things has percolated into our lives, as Bader has said. From the Smart Watch to the auto-driven cars, it’s all IoT. And, since connectivity is at the centre of this, the role of 5G in this is undeniable.

In conclusion, we can say that 5G will prove to be more than speed alone. As it will combine great connectivity, excellent coverage, and low latency, it will support high-end devices.

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