6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024

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6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024 1

Discord is one the communication platforms that is increasing in popularity and has more than 100 million active users. You can communicate in real-time on private chats and servers (communication on groups). With voice changers, you can boost your fun and have a good time with your friends. Nonetheless, several voice-changing apps are available over the internet, but usually, most are paid and are not worth it. So this informative piece will cover the 6 best voice changers you can use and enjoy on Discord!


What Features Do You Need in a Voice Changer for Discord?

Some important features of a Voice Changer for Discord are real-time voice modulation, multiple voice presets, and flexible settings to adjust pitch/tone/effect. Ease of use and smooth integration with Discord are both important for convenience. Noise suppression in the background and high-quality audio output improve user experience with clear communication.

The ability to be compatible with different operating systems and devices extends accessibility. Other users want more–such as gender-specific voice options, ambient effects, or the ability to create and save your personalized sound. Ultimately, a high-quality and multi-purpose Voice Changer for Discord should help increase conversation ability, ingenuity, and fun in online communication.

6 Best Voice Changers for Discord in 2024

HitPaw Voice Changer

6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024 2

The free real-time AI tool HitPaw Voice Changer for Discord provides 200+ voice-changing effects and powerful artificial intelligence magic effects. It can even be used for uploading audio/video files. Voice alters voice, perfectly suited to gamers, content creators, Vtubers, and live streamers. Users can easily change their voices by using the voices of popular celebrities like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Minions, and Taylor Swift.

Artificially intelligent music and a changing soundboard add to Discord, Twitch, and YouTube enjoyment. Windows support for Nvidia 4G and AMD 6G is necessary. The voice changer adds to the fun of online meetings, video gaming, and live streams; it comes in all manner of different voices with an equal number of sound effects. You change as you WISH!


6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024 3

Voicemod is a free, real-time AI Voice Changer and soundboard for gamers, content creators, and VTubers. It also provides a dynamic element to your virtual identity under networks like Roblox, OBS, VRChat, and Discord. The software converts your voice into characters such as robots, demons, chipmunks, and stars. It smoothly integrates with popular gaming and communication programs like Discord, ZOOM, Google Meet, and Minecraft Overwatch.

Moreover, this Voicelab allows customers to create their own voice filters. The experience is thus versatile and entertaining for users.

MorphVOX Pro

6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024 4

With advanced online communication and in-game modding features, you can surf the web or play hard with your buddies.This program is developed for Windows and Mac OS platforms and features outstanding voice learning technology, background cancellation, and high-quality sound. Users can enjoy a variety of free voices, customize them in different ways, and even use sound packs to personalize their experience. Among the notable innovations offered by MorphVox Pro are an intuitive interface, live vocal visualization, voice comparison analysis, and advanced noise reduction.In addition, the software has a rich library of voice and sound effects packs, background options, customizable effects, and sounds.This is a very powerful software tool for transforming one’s voice.


6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024 5

With the release of Murf, you can now get professional studio-quality results without having to set up an elaborate desk. It’s an all-in-one voice changer and content creator package capable of both talkovers and commercial applications. With its Open Studio feature, users can record from anywhere and effortlessly replace their voice with the one provided by a high-quality AI.One advantage for users is the ease with voice editing, stripping out filler words, and precisely matching up work videos. Users can choose from a library of 120+ AI voices for their projects or combine several. Apart from its affordability and efficiency, Murf also offers a user-friendly interface. It might be your pick when you can try it out for free!

Voxal Voice Changer

6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024 6

Voxal Voice Changer Software includes powerful and intuitive real-time voice modification features with a rich library of vocal effects, including robot, girl, boy, etc.Commands compatible with programs like Skype, Steam, and Discord Voxal blend into those applications that are popular worldwide, including Discord. It works with existing files, supports real-time effects if used with a microphone, and allows users to create unlimited custom voice effects. Popular among gamers, YouTubers, and podcasters for its ease of use and cross-platform compatibility, Voxal is free to download (for non-commercial home use only) on Windows and macOS operating systems.

Filmora Voice Changer

6 Best Voice Changers That You Should Know For Discord in 2024 7

The Filmora Video Editor’s key feature, the Filmore Voice Changer, is designed to meet all needs with a user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. It naturally fits with Discord, a popular social network for gamers and content creators. Both makers and businesses can get maximum benefits. Productivity is boosted through AI-powered automation, customizable brand styles, and collaborative tools. For educational content, with a few mouse clicks, users can easily add voiceovers and dubbing; meanwhile, Filmora’s ready pairing with Discord makes it easy as pie for gamers or streamers seeking to up their communication game on the platform. Filmora is a favorite video editing tool for millions of people.


Q1: Do voice changers work on Discord?

Yes, Discord voice changers such as HitPaw Voice Changer are compatible with Discord. These are real-time voice modifiers for when you chat on the service, adding a bit of lively fun and creativity to communication.

Q2: How do you use fake voice on Discord?

You can easily speak in a fake voice on Discord with HitPaw Voice Changer. Just install the software and choose your desired voice effect. Then, simply adjust settings to have your speech transformed effortlessly during Discord conversations.

Q3: What is the best voice changer app for Discord?

The best voice changer apps for Discord include HitPaw Voice Changer. With its user-friendly interface, rich voice effects, and real-time modifying capabilities, it has become a popular accessory for spicing up Discord communication.


Using a normal voice can always be boring and mundane, but A voice changer in Discord, such as HitPaw Voice Changer, can add a fun and interesting element to the world of online communication. These real-time Discord chat modifiers offer a smooth way to change the sound of your voice or just add quirky amusement. With its easy-to-use interface and variety of voice effects, the HitPaw Voice Changer is an obvious choice for Discord users who want to improve their vocal communication with others on this platform. Whether for idle chat or play dates, adding a voice changer brings fun, and users can say things in unique ways that they wouldn’t be otherwise.

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