6 Learnings on Why EdTech is a Booming Industry post-Covid-era

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6 Learnings on Why EdTech is a Booming Industry post-Covid-era 1


Thinking back to the start of the year 2020, things are fuzzy. Days were practically the same with the routine in its usual form. The news of Covid’s existence was quite a jolt and the moment it entered the nation; everyone took a breath if they were nowhere near. Things took a drastic turn and for the first time in our lives, we entered a phase of lockdown. One might wonder what was the one thing most affected by this change? Jobs? Businesses? Income? No!

It was, Education!

Shifting Era from Physical Education to Online

The let-down of lockdown was combatted with the popularization of the EdTech system which was not exactly a new concept then. The existing such businesses found an opening and opportunity to take it to the next level, they cashed it. 

While the Internet is overflowing with content, curated platforms were needed to streamline the right material when it came to online learning resources. Some of such online education platforms saw the introduction of AI within the platform to generate the right resources through smart recommendations. This followed the process of Content Curation into industry-quality material.

What else did this shift to online brought forth?

The introduction of expertise-as-a-service ensured that when you go for online learning, it is not limited to typical course study in institutions and even beyond. It provides a space for smart education with a focus on industry-based learning and practical application of concepts for greater exposure. 

How was this made possible with EdTech? An insight within those learnings is a must-read. 

Finding Reasons for the EdTech Boom

1.   The Need stands First

The pandemic situation brought uncertainty that was shoved away through EdTech intervention. This saw the apt utilization of students’ time during the prime age of their education while instilling a deep need in all to find the right medium to continue learning.

2.   A Necessity not Fashion

Initially, the thought of taking extra classes or tuitions through an online medium was considered a fashion statement. Now, it has brought upon a necessity making it an indispensable part of learners’ lives.

3.   Effortless and Efficient

While your instructor is a city or country apart, you can continue your learning from anywhere in the world through an efficient medium. This is quite a time-saving solution with the remote availability of all courses online for effortless learning. 

4.   Government Stamp

Many start-ups in the EdTech industry boomed due to this necessity with the help from the Government that supported the system completely through some policies and schemes making it an integral part of education.

5.   One-Click Many Options

No matter where you are sitting, you have access to a horde of learning material in this diverse education system. Now you can do what you want right from the comfort of your place.

6.   Need to Upskill

The learning doesn’t end at the schooling. It goes on throughout your lives because this world demands a regular update in your knowledge. Hence, there is a need to upskill yourself at the highest priority which is once again possible through EdTech platforms.

A Perspective into the EdTech future

Having worked in the education industry for the last 7 years, I can assure you from experience that EdTech is in fact on the rise. Having a digital system of education at your disposal you have myriad options for learning and the right material. While the pre-covid era saw online education as a privileged option, the post-covid era made it a necessity. With social distance as a must-take precaution, EdTech is the best choice. Mentors are invested in this model today putting in sincere dedication to curating the learning modules perfect for upskilling and aiming to provide simulations for practical exposure even for freshers. That is how freshers are also able to gain industrial skills early on.

This EdTech industry can be seen as a path towards Data-driven upskilling for practical exposure, career guidance through online connections with industry experts, and the right mentorship from professionals. Something that will truly bowl over other aspects in the future is the content quality and its gamification that is required to be optimum if online education is booming. Looking at the predictions, the EdTech industry is expected to grow by 10 Trillion USD by 2030 (https://www.holoniq.com/notes/87bn-of-global-edtech-funding-predicted-to-2030/).  

Though there are a lot of cultural and habitual issues that EdTech needs to tackle in the coming years, the future looks promising, and the boom looks ever flying.

Contributed by: Piyush Gupta, Founder, Stride Ahead

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