6 neural networks for creating and processing marketing images

6 neural networks for creating and processing marketing images 1

The fact that artificial intelligence technologies are today the number one topic in the IT industry can be proved not only by enthusiastic publications in the media and numerous projects in this area, but also by the scale of AI penetration in almost all areas of modern life – from medicine and research to industrial robotics and self-driving vehicles.

The most frequent and easiest way to use smart algorithms is marketing application, especially for collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, as well as content processing.

Today we’ll talk about services on neural networks for creating and processing visual content as it is needed almost everywhere: for illustrating articles, creating infographics, advertising creatives, and so on.

6 powerful AI services for working with images

If you need basic photo manipulation like overlaying a filter, you shouldn’t resort to using programs based on smart algorithms. It’s easier to use the popular Canva service. If you need to remove the background from the photo, just click here. But if you need more complex operations, read the list to the end. There are definitely services there that will simplify your work and save a lot of time.

  1. This Person Does Not Exist

Uber employee Philip Wang created a service that generates human faces. It is powered by Nvidia’s StyleGAN Generative Neural Network.

Photos of human faces are automatically generated from millions of processed images. The system analyzes them and creates a collective image. Each time you refresh the page, a new face appears. You may think that you have seen this person somewhere, but he is not really there. This service is useful for those who need fake photos for reviews, or those who are afraid of violating copyrights when using photos of people.

  1. Colorize

The neural network at the basis of the project is able to color black and white photographs in realistic colors, as well as restore the defective photos.

To get the finished image, simply download the black and white artwork and leave your email address. Processing will take from 10 seconds to 30 minutes.

  1. Deepart

Another AI service is designed to work with graphics and create original paintings based on custom images. The technique of working with Deepart is extremely simple: we upload a photo to the service server, indicate the preferred art style and wait for the completion of the painting process.

  1. Reflect

The service is based on a generative adversarial network. It’s able to replace faces in photographs.

The neural network not only replaces the faces, but also preserves the facial expression, its color, and other characteristics. Just choose statues, paintings, frames from cartoons and screenshots from video games and apply your face. Final pictures are pretty realistic.

  1. Let’s Enhance

The service works on the basis of neural networks that learn to reconstruct details based on data about common textures and objects. It allows you to increase the image resolution several times without losing quality.

But this is not the only function of the service. It can add texture, enhance colors, and make illustrations clearer and more beautiful. Just upload the file and choose what you want to do with it.

  1. FaceApp

FaceApp has become very popular due to its ability to make the person in the photo old. Moreover, an application based on neural networks can add a smile, make a person in a photo young, add glasses or a beard, apply makeup on a photo, change a hairstyle and much more. The finished photo doesn’t look cartoonish, but quite naturally.

  1. Google AutoDraw

A service that transforms freehand drawings into high-quality clip art. The AI ​​behind AutoDraw analyzes user sketches in real-time, recognizes them, and offers similar pictures drawn by professional artists. Created illustrations can be posted on social media or downloaded to a computer for further use. It is important to note that the service developed by Google is perfect not only for entertainment but also for solving real problems. For example, AutoDraw can be of great help to presentation designers, illustrators, photo editors, and other creative professionals.

6 neural networks for creating and processing marketing images 2

Final words

AI makes the job of marketers and content makers a lot easier. Maybe you’ve also come across interesting services based on neural networks that can create or process images? Be sure to share.

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