6 Reason Why You Should Choose Salesforce ?

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In today’s world, taking advantage of advanced technology to optimize your business process if not a luxury. It has become a necessary key for businesses to become successful. That is why the digital solutions like the customer relationship management (CRM) software PDF Butler Document Generation App, are more readily available today than ever before.


While there is other CRM software out in the market, it is the Salesforce that is winning the hearts of the businesses since 1999. If you are still struggling to streamline your business process, then you definitely need to install Salesforce.

Read the following section of this article. Here, we have talked about the reasons why you should use Salesforce for your business. Read on before you decide.

Why Salesforce ?

It does not matter whether you are trying to find the first CRM for your business or have already experienced a bad one, Salesforce is the solution that can solve all your problems. To understand why let’s check the following reasons.

1. Salesforce has a sterling Reputation

In the last couple of decades, Salesforce has earned the reputation of becoming the leader when it comes to cloud computing and social enterprise software. The brand name is well known across the world and to many, the name Salesforce has become equal to CRM.

Over the years, the CRM of Salesforce has received numerous awards and accolades for the products and services. Form the behemoths of the market to the smaller organizations, businesses of every size and shapes use Salesforce and are happy about it.

The best thing about Salesforce is its flexibility. You can customize the CRM according to your wish to meet your business requirements perfectly.

2. High-Quality Product

The CRM of Salesforce could rule the market for the past 20 years because of the quality of its solution. The CRM of Salesforce is secure, has a proven track record, and is highly customizable. What more can you want from a CRM?

The CRM of Salesforce is created on the multitenant architecture. This makes sure that regardless of the edition of the CRM that you get,you will be able to use the same platform and infrastructure that the purchasers of the latest editions use. It also offers industry-specific abilities to address the challenges of different verticals of businesses.

3. Powerful Ecosystem

Along with the stable and powerful solution, the Salesforce also consists of an extensive ecosystem that hosts partners, developers and the customers all at the same time. The success community of the Salesforce  enables the customers to get in touch with each other, provide feedback to the company, and ask relevant questions to the business as well.

The application market place of Salesforce is an enriching place that enables the customers to download and purchase different apps, like PDF Butler Document Generation App. This is also the place where the Salesforce developers and partners make their new applications available for the customers.

The partner ecosystem of Salesforce offers the customers with the assistance of every kind. This partner ecosystem makes the Salesforce customer find and choose a qualified partner or hire a trained Salesforce  professional.

4. Data Security

Over the years, the question of cloud security has seen its fair share of hand ringing even though the cloud is more secure than that of an on-premise legal system. The concern of the businesses about storing sensitive data in the cloud is understandable. The rampant news about cloud data breaches does not make it easier for the businesses to make the decision as well.

Understanding that, Salesforce has created a security model that enables secure data access at different levels. Right now, Salesforce has an army of engineers and data security professionals who are working day and night to make sure that the cloud, as well as your data, is never at any risk.

5. Unique Pricing Model

When Salesforce was first introduced in the market, its competitors used to charge steep and fixed monthly rates for hardware or software update or support. It was Salesforce that changed the pricing paradigm.

It brought a new per-user fee system, which they started to bill annually. Since then, most of the cloud-based businesses have changed their pricing system and adopted the pricing system of the Salesforce . This single fact proves that when it comes to pricing, Salesforce  is the leader in the sector.

6. Backwards Compatible Upgrades

The upgrades of the Salesforce are backwards compatible. It simply means that the periodic upgrades of the Salesforce would not disrupt the carefully customized system that you have created over the years. This single factor reduces the downtime of your website during the system update.

These are only a handful of reasons why you should choose Salesforce for your business. The more you research about thePDF Butler Document Generation App of Salesforce, The easier it will be for you to understand the benefits. So, research some more and decide whether you need the help of Salesforce  to reach your business goals. 

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