6 Technology Trends To Keep Your Eye On In 2019

Technology Trends

Technology Trends To Keep Your Eye On

Technology is now emerging such a great speed and year-long trending technologies can appear out of date. As technology emerges, it will also create faster progress and change. The 21st century is all about Science and Technology. Every day people are ready to accept the new technology trends & advancements like wired telephones to wireless mobile phones, Monster computers to the mini pocket laptops, and the remote technology to AI intelligence remotes.

Artificial Intelligence

 What is AI? Why it is in recent technology trends? It means that to give instructions to the computer and performs specific tasks without the interference of humans.

We have seen so many Science fiction movies, they represent AI robots are the bad things. But in this today’s world, some of the tech giants now recruit them for security. One of the biggest companies in the world i.e. Uber and Microsoft use Knightscope K5 robots to secure the parking areas to prevent unusual activities. The AI equipped robots capable of reading license plates, intimate any unusual activity and collect useful data to inform their owners. These AI-driven robots are an example of autonomous things

AI is used to improve photos, to refine tune search- engine results or to suggest customers with best results to buy from online shops. Recognize the voice is an example of the complex AI, analyzing sound, context and sentence structure.

Machine Learning in recent Technology Trends

In 2018, Machine Learning applications extended. ML uses software calculations that allow PCs, Desktops, and robots to gain from their experiences with the goal that they become to be better at predict and getting things done very accurately.

The major examples of ML in 2018 were its predict the past outputs and use it for future outcomes

In 2018 also seen the major companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft sold ML programs in the business market such as Cortana, Google home, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri.

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When dealing with Machine Learning(ML) technology in 2019, there simple an industry would not benefit. What I mean to say is?

In the year 2019, there will be multiple new advantages for ML in all industries. Let’s take a small example for understanding, the U.S. Army is currently using machine learning to predict when army vehicles need repair. Consider about it, there are huge types of equipment that the US Army uses each and every day. To keep track of the data concerned, they are recruiting the help of Machine Learning virtual assistant.

Automatic Driving Cars

 The self-driving car is also known as a robot car or autonomous car or driverless car.
The transport sector in all over the world faces an emerging movement with the development of self-driving cars. Some of the biggest tech giants in the world has already started the Self-driving projects those are Google, Tesla, Uber etc.

Experiments of AI-driven cars has already started. These tech giants are already in serious experiments in producing autonomous cars effectively in 2019 & in recent technology trends.

Hybrid Business process

 The medicinal services sector used AI and study devices like IBM Watson to create and make business process management tools(BPM). We additionally observed the uses of hybrid man-machines with self-driving trucks, AI programmes drive vehicles on open parkways, without driver yet then assumed control over the road to explore through blocked urban communities.

See hybrid man-machine business forms that were used in 2018 to flood the way for progressively crossover business forms in 2019.

 Digital Payments

Frankly speaking that most of the people have been already using their smartphones in a place of a bank account for transactions. Google pay and Apple pay the two largest tech giants to ensure most of the banking sector use their products instead of making their own products. A study shows that digital transactions will grow $1.27mn for the next 4 years. In the year 2019 digital transactions will increase in over the world, like a skyrocket.

Digital Assistants-The evolution of normal speech recognition and language technologies

 In 2018, we have listened to Amazon echo, Google home, these are called Digital Assistants. Siri, Google home, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana are some of the major examples of talking devices.

Google and Amazon are focusing on improving these talking devices. Amazon even offers a virtual assistant microwave oven in the United States. The main goal is to allow people to be followed through their day by these digital assistant helpers.


Whether it’s self-driving cars, automatic robots or agriculture, these things use AI technology to perform specific tasks conventionally done by human beings. The easy of the intelligence varies, but all independent things use AI to communicate more easily with their suitable environments. These are the emerging technologies in 2019, it will create a huge impact on human’s lifestyle. 2019 is the year for technology evolution and advancement.

Written by Anjaneyulu Naini

Anjaneyulu Naini loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. He is Currently working as a Content writer at You can reach him at [email protected]

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