6 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Performance

6 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Performance 1

With increased remote working and higher leisure time spent on Netflix or YouTube, Wi-Fi has only become more critical with time. However, consistent low connectivity and bandwidth can get frustrating, especially when you are unaware of possible ways to fix it.

Whistle Out had surveyed[1]  more than a hundred consumers who had to recently transition to studying or working from home. Over one-third of surveyed users reported that the poor quality or nonexistent internet connection had hindered them from completing their work.

The most important thing that you need as a work-from-home employee is a strong Wi-Fi connection. We have compiled a list of ways to troubleshoot and improve the Wi-Fi quality at your home or workspace. Here are six ways to enhance the quality of your Wi-Fi signal:

1. Move Your Router

Cupboards, bookshelves, and even walls can potentially weaken your Wi-Fi signal. Moving the router to a different location around the house can change the speeds you get and determine how far the wireless transmissions will go. The most crucial point here is to make the signals most accessible to your primary devices- laptops, mobile phones, radio, and consoles. You can easily mount your router up a wall in the central point of your house to make signals accessible around the house. Even if you can eliminate a single wall between your router and workplace, you can drastically improve Wi-Fi performance as that will allow easy and smooth passage of signals .

However, it is important to keep machines with electromagnetic waves away, including wireless keyboards, baby monitors, and sometimes microwaves. These waves can hinder the signals and interrupt the passage of Wi-Fi in your house.

2. Buy Stronger Antennas

Wi-Fi routers come with small antennas that emit low bandwidth, as strong Wi-Fi antennas with higher bandwidth tend to be large and unappealing. The antenna that usually comes with your router is probably just a few inches tall with around 4 dB gain, while a 10-dB antenna can be 10 to 15 inches tall.

Choosing the right one can get confusing with several different types of Wi-Fi antennas available in the market. The only class you need to look for is the most common “rubber duck” antenna, an electrically short monopole antenna consisting of a springy wire in the narrow helix shape, sealed in the rubber or quality plastic jacket to protect it.

The gain of an average antenna system, when compared to an isotropic radiator, is usually expressed in dB or decibels. Routers used at home mostly come with smaller antennas comparatively, with an average gain that is between 4 and 5 dBi. Replacing it with a 9dBi antenna should significantly boost your signal.

An adaptive antenna can also help you with cybersecurity as it generates a beam to the transmission through a multipath model. That multipath transmission will reduce any opportunities for hackers to steal or intercept your communication easily ensuring higher privacy as well.

3. Cut Off Unused Devices

Using a dozen devices into the Wi-Fi all at once can become problematic, and cutting off on unused devices can instantly boost the performance of your Wi-Fi. A password-protected and encrypted Wi-Fi is also essential. Adding security controls and frequently changing your simple passwords to unpredictable and complex ones can also help decrease the risks of hacking and cyber threats and theft of Wi-Fi.

A good router can prioritize one particular device with its controls. It’s a helpful way to ensure your remote workflow never gets interrupted by someone else streaming videos on Youtube.

4. Reboot Your Router

A single reboot can considerably enhance your Wi-Fi speed. In addition, a restart or reboot can clear the memory of the router and allow for specific updates to install.

You should press the restart button in order to reboot, which is located on the back (you may use a pointy object like a sharp pen or a pencil), or even disconnect for a few minutes from your router and turn it back on. That will also refresh your device and effectively increase the overall Wi-Fi performance within five to 10 minutes and can be a least time-consuming method to boost your Wi-Fi performance.

5. Buy a Wi-Fi Extender

A Wi-Fi repeater or extender is a common extension that can take your existing signal from a Wi-Fi router. It can be broadcasted as one new network. This new network will be an extension of your original network.

A practical repeater or extender can cost you about $100. However, the Installation process only involves one press of the WPS button and is fairly simple. Using an app to analyze the performance of such an extension may be a helpful factor in making up your decision.

6. Go Wireless

If you are using a wired connection, It might be your sign to make that switch to more effective wireless solutions like Mckinstry wireless. This connection will be less complex and visually pleasing with the elimination of web cables and prove to be more effective.

A wireless network will cost you a lot less in the long run as the maintenance costs are minimal and quickly improve your wireless connectivity for all connected devices. Increased productivity resulting from effective connectivity can optimize your work and free you from the visual clutter of cables and wires, making your home a better remote workplace.


If you’re facing issues with your Wi-Fi, Try to use some of the free solutions stated above to evaluate if they lead to any improvement. If nothing works, It is perhaps most advisable to invest in a new wireless system or change your services.

Improving your Wi-Fi will make work-from-home meetings more engaging, and uninterrupted video calls will allow you to collaborate easily with your team. This simple improvement will optimize your working hours, enabling you to have a better work-life balance. While installation costs can sometimes be high, It is ultimately an investment to maximize your productivity, eliminate frustration and optimize your working time.


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