7 Church Website Trends You Should Follow In 2019

7 Church Website Trends You Should Follow In 2019 1

A website needs to be appealing in looks and has the right features and functionalities to be liked by the users. These fundamentals do not apply to business websites alone but are equally important for church websites. In fact, the latter need to be even better because their sole purpose is to engage with the audience and increase the following of the church. Besides ensuring good looks and the right features, you must also follow the popular trends while developing or upgrading your church site. Here are the trends that you must stick to in 2019.

Color blocking

Color blocking is undoubtedly the trend of the season, whether it is about e-commerce websites, blogs or informative platforms. You will see blocks of colors everywhere. It is the combinations and contrasts that get attention for the specific sections of the website. If you really want to explore the color blocking trend, be judicious about the hues you choose. Don’t keep it too simple but neither go over the top with bright colors. Look for a perfect blend of bright and light.


Even if you play with colors, keep minimalism as the mainstay of your website’s design. The trend has been going strong in this domain for the last few years and continues to be popular. A clean and uncluttered design is what works the best for church websites because it ensures good visibility and easy navigation. However, you can add creative elements here and there, probably in the form of hand-drawn illustrations and animation. The idea is to keep things simple yet get the attention of the users.

Creative typography

Another trend that you must follow for your church website in 2019 is the utilization of creative typography. You may have the best content on the site but don’t expect the users to read it unless you showcase it properly. Typography is the key because it involves the use of the right font style and size. Avoid using something too fancy because it can hinder the readability. Rather stick to basic, bold fonts and use outlines to make the text stand apart.

Graphics and videos

Without any doubt, your church website should be interactive and interesting to make the users stay and explore. Primarily, it is the visuals that make your site more attractive for the users. Look for the creative leader in church media to design your website because only they can give you the best graphics and videos for your website. The images and videos, combined with great content, should add a storytelling element to your website.


Just like any business site should be a replica of the brand itself, your church website should replicate your church. Whether it is the design or message in the content, everything that the audience sees on the site should align with the church. The idea is to make the site immediately recognizable so that the audience connects it with the church as soon as they land. A site with a personality of its own also has a greater retention rate and the users are likely to stay with it. This translates into a bigger following for your church.


Without any doubt, your website needs to be eye-catching to draw attention and increase your following. But one feature that you cannot afford to ignore is mobile responsiveness. This is because a majority of people use mobile devices to access websites and ones that do not render seamlessly on these devices drive the users away. Responsiveness does not remain a choice and you must ensure it for your site’s design.


Essentially, chatbots are the software programs that act as a human interface for a website. They empower the website with the Live Chat feature so that users can easily share queries and send across ideas. If you think that only a business website needs a chatbot, you are wrong. You can follow this innovative trend for your church website as well. The users can converse with the bot and find out about the latest and upcoming events at the church. Not only do they make your church website more interactive but are available 24 by 7 as well.

Now that you know the latest church website design and development trends, you will probably be able to create a better one. If you already have one, you can fairly judge where it lacks and what features you can add to improve it. Just pay attention to these trends and build the most amazing online presence for your church!

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