7 Content Marketing Strategies to achieve the goals in 2020

By Ravi Sharma
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Content Marketing Strategies

As the time is passing by, the world of advertisements and promotions is going beyond the extent of being just entertaining. In most of the cases, the aspiring content market researchers fail to conform the right kinds of strategies. According to a content preferences survey report of 2019, it has been inferred that at least 71% of the users depended entirely on blog writing during the entire purchasing process.

Having said that, most of the content makers fail to thrive in the corporate industry for one single reason. It is that most of them follow the erroneous strategies which may at times become a major hindrance in the successful way of their content market analysis. Then what’s the solution to this problem?

Well the answer is SEO marketing which helps you to a great extent for you to become a smart and hardcore professional content marketer. The terms SEO and content marketing can be used synonymously with each other and are interrelated to each other in many ways. Given below are a few of the most effective strategies framed meticulously for the year 2020 for every content marketing aspirant to take into consideration. A few of them can be considered as follows:

7 Content Marketing Strategies to achieve the goals in 2020 1

1.Remarketing is the best

Well, remarketing is one of the finest strategies when it comes to garnering your targeted audience. Remarketing actually implies that you are showing different types of ads to your fellow customers while they are browsing through your website.

Legions of content marketers are investing their precious money into this particular strategy only for one fine reason. The reason is, the more a customer sees any of your ads, the more there will be the scope for each of their conversions. When it comes to conforming the remarketing strategy, it simply needs very nominal resources for its effective implementation.

All you need to do is to optimize your existing customer data and hooking that up with several platforms that are available plan every week content based on the user’s interest. This can be done through various re-marketing options like Google Ad Re marketing, Facebook Ads, Ad Roll to name just a few. But always make sure that you do not follow the same approach for every section of your audience which will not at all boost up your re-marketing strategy in any way.

2.Create Targeted Landing Pages

One of the finest content marketing strategies would be that of framing some effective landing pages. Each of these pages must be informative, relevant at the same time a bit promotional as well comprised of not more than two to three keywords, which each of your customers will skim through while they are visiting your website.

This strategy has been used at a rampant pace by several content marketers and they have also got the best results out of it in boosting up their company’s targeted readers to a reasonable extent. Relying upon landing pages to boost up your company can be quite effective in understanding your audience’s different needs and wants and then plunging into framing even more informative and beneficial content for all your visitors to read.

3.Opt for the A/B Split Test

When it comes to conducting the A/B split test, you need to tread a fine line. According to a survey report done by a reputed seo company in chandigarh, it has been inferred that the usual conversion of any landing varies between 1-3%.But by availing the privilege of the A/B split test, you can now increase that conversion rate up to a reasonable extent that you might not have come across before.

What’s more, this kind of SEO strategy also sends lots of customers to your product page. If you also wish to conduct a fully-fledged A/B split testing, you can run a split test session on your product page and check out the product page variation against the control. Once your A/B split testing is done, you will be able to evaluate that which of the pages had a better performance and thereby will be able to search the intended test results.

You also need to keep this in mind that inclusion of mobile users is also a must when it comes to your A/B split testing. For this, run the test on the landing page section which is a very good instance of the key user behavior.

4.Frame Content Snippets

This is one of the finest content marketing strategies for every one of the users to conform to. Content snippets basically refer to the variants of any of your content marketing data. This includes any of your Facebook or Twitter posts which can be posted on the targeted site and creation of a few duplicated versions of it and use those in various other platforms.

This will help you in understanding how the same information is garnering different types of rating percentages on different types of social platforms. For this, you can name each of those variants with a different name every time that help you in locating each of those onto the different platforms where they have been posted.

 Moreover, if you want to keep a regular track on the different content snippets that you have; well, that can be done quite effortlessly now by updating their every day information either on Excel File or Google Sheets.

5.Competitor Analysis is the best

7 Content Marketing Strategies to achieve the goals in 2020 2

Competitor Analysis is one such strategy which every person needs to take into consideration if he/she is engaged into content marketing in some way or the other. In today’s era, the competitor analysis is no more an option to choose from. Rather it has become an indispensable need for every content marketer to opt for which, most of the content market experts suggest nowadays.

Also there are oodles of competitor analysis tools for assistance all the way. By using the right kinds of tools properly, you will be able to know about the different strategies that your fellow content marketers are conforming to while operating their content marketing business.

6.Frame a niche content

If you really want to envisage yourself as a competent content marketing professional, then opting for a niche content is undoubtedly the right option. On the contrary, content writing demands oodles of high-quality content which must of course be detailed in their individual versions.

However, the term niche content implies writing for digital marketing campaign and entrepreneurs and not just writing for the general digital marketing campaigns. For instance, you can write about those female business aspirants who have remained unnoticed for ages by the well-heeled section of the society.

7.How can SEO be helpful for content marketers?

The search engine optimization (SEO) helps any website to get ranked on the basis of the intended information and the search results provided to the user. It helps a content marketer to attain his/her targeted audience and stay updated about the everyday changes that are taking place in terms of keywords/phrases incorporation.

Unlike the other digital marketing channels, SEO marketing gets you the best chance to reach your character traits list audience through the means of the finest SEO service providers. Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you will able to conform to the right kinds of strategies that will make you a tailor-made content marketer as compared to others.

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