7 Google Algorithm Updates You Need To Be Aware Of

Google Algorithm

Search engine optimization is important for your site but all SEO is not equally good. There are some optimization methods that take time to show results and prove to be effective in the long run while there are many others who work much faster but leave your site in a bad situation.

Search engines can tell the good sites form the bad and Google is an expert in the same. One of the top search engines in the world, Google has a search engine algorithm which has undergone a number of changes over time. Google focuses on quality over quantity and if you have noticed a sudden drop in the traffic on your website, you might have missed out on the latest Google algorithm.

Here are the top Google algorithm updates you should not ignore.

Google Panda

This update will evaluate the site based on the quality of the content. The pages which have high-quality content will be rewarded with a higher ranking position and vice versa. It all comes down to how good on-page optimization is. If there is thin content with few words, your site will not enjoy a high ranking.

Similarly, if there is low-quality content or unhelpful content, it will trigger the Panda and your site ranking will drop. Most importantly, articles that have duplicate text or is a result of article spinning will see a fall in the ranking. Good content should be original, relevant and informative.

If there is nothing worth reading in the content, users are not going to spend time on your website. The easiest way you can deal with this algorithm is by improving the quality of the content. Identify pages that need more work and remove duplicate content.

Google Penguin

The second algorithm is similar to the first one. It will evaluate the website based on the link profile. Using backlinks in the content will have a positive effect on the site ranking if they are placed on pages that are related to linked pages if they are surrounded by content related to the linked pages and when they come from multiple, trustworthy sources.

If you use dubious links from unauthorized sources, it will have a negative impact on the ranking. Adam White created software to make it easy to build a completely natural backlink profile, which is essential to being protected from Google updates. It is important to avoid unnatural links by buying them or using links that lack anchor text diversity.

Do not stuff keywords or use low-quality links. Dig the low-quality links in your content and replace them with high quality and reliable links to attract higher traffic on the website.

Google pigeon

Google has two algorithms for web search. One is for local search and the other is for traditional web search. This results in ideal results when users search for a product or service. Google determines the website rankings based on the business location and the distance from the user.

To enjoy a high search ranking, you need to create top-quality content in your niche and use keywords which include the location. You should build links from reliable sources and optimize the site for mobile devices. For local SEO, you can create listings on business directories and gain positive reviews from the customers.

Google Hummingbird

The Hummingbird algorithm helps improve search. It interprets the intent of the user behind a query and shows webpages that are most qualified for a task. The update aims to understand what the users want when they search online. It is important to thoroughly research a subject before you write about it. This will ensure you use the proper language and vocabulary to attract a higher audience. It will help your audience search for the products and find the right results.

Google Mobile-Friendly update

This update helped improve user experience quality when they search for products on small screens. To make the most of this update, you need to check if the site is mobile-friendly or not. Create a responsive website design, use a large font, remove any unplayable elements or intrusive elements like popups and maintain space between interactive elements. Focus on loading speed and the optimization of images.

Google Fred

The Fred update includes all the minor updates that Google makes every day. Fred impacted websites which had an aggressive advertisement, bad user experience, and low-value content. In order to ensure that this does not affect your website, you need to focus on the quality of content and on user experience. You need to ensure that the content is worth reading and the user experience is smooth.

These updates show that Google is very serious about improving the quality of content that is shared online. If you own a website and aim to attract higher traffic, you need to understand what you are putting up on the website. Google is going to take a thorough look at everything you share and will then rank your website accordingly.

Avoid using any unlawful means like buying links or advertising aggressively on the website. When you have quality content and satisfying user experience, you will notice a rise in the website ranking. Remember that SEO is not a one-time thing, you need to work on it time and again.

When you take a look at the content on your website, you need to identify links that are not relevant or content that is not useful and replace the same with appropriate content and high-quality links. If done right, SEO can take your business to the top.

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