7 Ideas For Instagram Marketing That You Didn’t Know Possible

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7 Ideas For Instagram Marketing That You Didn’t Know Possible 1

There are more than 1 billion Instagrammers worldwide. Amongst these, there are over 500 million active Instagram users on a daily basis. They share around 95 million videos and images every day. Now, that’s what you call a whopping number!


It does not matter who your audiences are- gender, occupation, age, anything- one thing you can remain assured of is that you can reach them easily through Instagram. The main question here is how to become successful with Instagram marketing.

How to create engaging content for Instagram? How to stand out among the 95 million images and videos posted every day? How to achieve business growth on Instagram? Finding the right answers to these questions will help brands in spicing up their marketing game on Instagram.

Instagram marketing is indeed fiercely competitive, but it’s not something impossible. A few ideas that can help you with this great endeavor are as follows:

Use Hashtags for Reaching New Audiences on Instagram

You can use an Instagram scraper to help you with your emails, make it exceptionally convenient to reach out to new audiences. Including Hashtags in posts means creating links that can lead to the posts shared with the Hashtags. This further helps in increasing a business’s returns on investment on the platform.

There is no use going overboard with five to ten Hashtags on a certain post. But try taking advantage of the related and popular Hashtags for making it easier for your brand to be discovered by the audiences.

It is an easy and straightforward procedure of using trending Hashtags for Instagram promotions. The method is highly effective and result-oriented.

Use the Free Instagram Tools

The Instagram business profiles are the same as those on Facebook. You can use different tools for viewing statistics, such as engagement data, impressions, and more. As a user, you can even get a complete breakdown of follower demographics.

Instagram also helps users get specific insights about posts showing them the number of impressions they earned for the time span. Such free tools prove highly valuable because they can be used to understand how users are taking up posted content.

So, when businesses have an idea about how the users interact with their posts, they can make adjustments to the content accordingly. This further helps in boosting user engagement. Here, it is important to note that using a video maker for creating product teasers to be posted on Instagram can be a highly effective marketing strategy.

Make Activities Count

Coming up with an Instagram promotional campaigns does not need to be complete use of time only. It always works to be efficient with your social media marketing, and the same goes for Instagram as well.

Liking posts serially, following the relevant users, and replying to the comments are common activities. And between all these actions, you must try and streamline your activities for saving a good amount of time.

For instance, you must clearly understand the frequency of posting on the platform for maximizing engagement. You must also understand when to post so that your target audience comes online and finds your post.

Everything and anything you are doing for marketing your business on Instagram should be completely focused on the objectives of your brand.

Discover Varied Video Formats

There are different types of posts that work on Instagram, but the magic and the ROI created by videos is unmatched. Instagram videos generate more engagement, and hence it works to have more ideas about the different video formats you can go for.

First of all, some videos can be posted in one’s feed. These are searchable videos where you can include Hashtags for helping the users find them easily. These exclusive and high-value videos are perfect for product announcements, tutorials, and brand campaigns.

Then there are videos in the stories, and these disappear after 24 hours. Hence, it is important to post videos that you think the viewers will stick to. This type of content is perfect for live announcements, snapshots, snippets, and event footage.

Steal the Followers of the Competitors

One of the most innovative ways of marketing a brand on Instagram is by focusing on the competitors and working out ways of engaging with their followers. This strategy works because it will help you engage customers who already have an interest in the products or the services you are dealing with.

Though it is unethical to steal the competitor’s followers, you can do it correctly. For this strategy to bring results for your business, you will first have to analyze your closest competitors and then know who their followers are.

Some basic ways of engaging with the followers of your competitors are by liking their posts or by commenting on their posts. You can even follow them while studying how your competitors try and engage with their following.

Refine the Instagram Promotion Plan with Analytics

There is no harm in being better with your Instagram promotion, no matter how good you are. One of the best ways of improving results is by learning from the things you have done wrong. And this can best be done by studying information on Instagram Insights.

Managing your presence on Instagram and working on it continually will help you up the social Studio. Use a single dashboard for scheduling and publishing posts; measure performance, and engage your audience.

Work on Instagram Story Engagement

Well, this is a complicated metric, but it brings instant results for sure. Whenever you are posting Instagram Stories, make sure to go through the number of individuals viewing the same. Similarly, you can watch out for the number of followers interacting when you are posting Q&A sessions.

Having a close look at these user engagements will allow you to make adjustments to the strategies you have been using to engage the prospective customers.


If you are still lagging in using Instagram for your business marketing, this is the time to verge on with it. This all-inclusive platform will help you churn major revenues and sales provided you use it in the right way.

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