7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business in 2019

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business in 2019 1

Everyone in this fussy world wants to establish his/her own business and want to be successful. But there are many points that one should consider before getting into the business.

Firstly the management is very important that how we manage our business it will make or break it. Most of us assume results by that by just make the product and service we will get a result but the proper marketing is also very important and mandatory. Our goal will be determined by the way we approach and manage our business finances.

The mentioned below are the tips and tricks that will help you to become successful in the business.  So one should concentrate these facts and achieve your goal and become the famous face in this trending market.

  1. Quitting your day job

In the excitement of starting the new business, all of us are tempted to tell our boss and colleagues. This is the biggest mistake as by telling this we are risking our everything on the success. This decision may be brave and it may be bold, but in case all the numbers are against you then this is not an intelligent decision.

Always keep your plan secret and start working upon them initially from home without quitting the job. Through this, we will have a safe side for your future if your business does not succeed.

  1. Doing too much too soon

Before starting the independent one should have enough experience and knowledge that he/she can handle the up and down of the business. Doing the things so soon is the main reason for which many entrepreneurs suffer. Most of us are so excited to start that we even forward our everything we have. Always use your mental resources and keep yourself in this long run as establishing the business is the marathon, not a sprint.

Before starting the business you must have some experience and proper knowledge about the field in which you are going to develop yourself.

  1. Believe in Yourself and it will work for you

You may have a great Service and product, but people won’t find it creative in today’s crowded market. You need to go out and show the people about your creation. Proper marketing is very important as if the inferior product is well marketed it will always achieve more popularity than a great product which is poorly marketed.

So, always make the strategy to market your product, one should concentrate on marketing than product design.

  1. Preparing your loved ones for your changed lifestyle

If you get successful in your business then you will quickly realize that business has brought up big changes in your lifestyle. You have to work for long hours or even you may be working from home too. And you have to accept this change and make sure that your family and friends know about your plan so that things do not mess up.

  1. Loan and investment

 Loans are not so flexible but you have to pay interest on funds that you are not even using. This may sometimes cause trouble as monthly repayment is compulsory even you are not making any profit in business. Bank loans are generally sanctioned against the entrepreneur’s house and property. You can also try getting short terms loans as offered by Loanski.

Whatever source you are seeking funds, do remember that each of this method has pros and cons associated so, always choose wisely by keeping in the mind your requirement and financial status.

  1. Choosing the wrong business structure

A sole partnership may be the hassle-free option for the startup of business but later on, this will become a hindrance. Every business comes with cons and pros. Pick the wrong things can lead in the worst situation where you have to pay more tax than needed. Always speak to the professional to find out the right business structure for you. It will provide you with the power of good.

It is better to take the advice from the experienced person rather than to add the business partner as this help you to get the better advise and you need to share your financial profit to anyone.

  1. Mixing personal and business finance

Whenever you plan to start a new business, always make sure to open a business bank account as this helps you to keep your business finance separate from your personal finances.  Mixing up business and personal finances will take you out of track and you will end badly.


The mentioned above are the ways to establish and run your successful business. If you keep the following point in the mins before starting up the business you will definitely be successful in your field and become a reputed businessman. One should be concentrated on important things such as getting your name in this crowded market.

Written by Himanshu Gupta

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