7 Realities about Android App Development that Will Amaze You


Mobile phones have simplified our lives. From searching to researching and from shopping to traveling, with the ease of mobile phones, we are now capable to handle our day-to-day requirements. When we say smartphones, many of us assume it as an android phone. According to the statement released by Google, there are 2 billion active users on Android. A recent survey by e-Marketer research the total worldwide android app revenue grew 63% in 2018. The site also states that the total time spent on shopping apps on Android devices has grown to 18 billion hours in 2018 as compared to 12 billion hours in 2016.  The data itself reveals the growing popularity of Android apps and its usage.

Source: E Marketer

Another forecast by e-Marketer suggests that the figure of MCommerce sales will increase to $338 billion in 2020 in the USA as compared to $268.78 in 2019.  Saying this won’t be wrong that mobile app development is going to be the trend of technology in the upcoming years. Future of technology would be dominated by mobile apps completely by 2020.

Source: E Marketer

As it is well known that rumors spread side by side with realities. So as in the case with android app development. It is definitely not something that everyone can do. You need to be a master of Java, you should be well-versed with android specific software and should be well-versed with integrated development environment like Android Studio. The complete development process is thus not easy, and hence an android app developer needs to have good knowledge of everything.

Being the most popular tech topic, many myths are spread about android app development. But, don’t worry I am not going to highlight the list of myths as it is too long. Here I am going to share about the realities of android app development that is going to amaze you and you are definitely going to scream OMG! So, here goes the list:

Amazing Things about Android App Development You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

Good App Needs Selling Too: A great app will not become popular without marketing and this is the harsh truth of the tech world. No matter how innovative you have been in creating an app if you want to outreach your targeted audience you need to market your app too. There are two situations in this. If you have designed an app for a particular community then there are chances that it will get organic downloads. For instance, if you are developing an android app for dating then it may get responses organically. On the other hand, if your app is targeting a larger audience base then you have to promote it on various social platforms and also need to put ads of the same in the app store.

Download Does Not Assure Money Flow: Thinking that thousands of app downloads are going to make you a millionaire is theoretically not wrong but practically there is a long way for the developer to go for earning money from app downloads. The developer will only get money when the user starts to pay money for using the app. So, if you are a developer and on the way to your new development then you can sit back and relax until your users start paying for the app.

B2B Market Have Better Yield than B2C in Android App: What do you think will give a better yield for an android developer? Most of you would answer B2C. The market of B2C is large but when it comes to loyal customer retention then B2B tops the list. B2B apps have high ROI and this definitely promises better yield.

Android App Developers Earn More Money Than iOS Developers: One keyword most searched by the future mobile app developers is ‘how much is the salary of android app developer’. It is a common misconception that an android app developer’s salary is less than iOS developers. Definitely, Android users have more reservation for paying money but the number of apps and the larger user interface balances the sheet. So, it is not always specific when it comes to payment with app as it finally depends on app popularity.

Optimization is Beyond Search Engine: Thinking that the app at the top of the list in search engine ensures more downloads, then you are wrong. Android app promotion is beyond this. If you want to yield a better ROI from your app then go beyond the search engine. Promote it to the community of targeted users and important social media platforms.

Development Goes Side-by-Side with App: There is always a ‘and beyond’ in technology. If you are under the impression that development ends once the app is live on app store then you are wrong. In order to compete with the latest technology trends, there is always a phase of development in apps. For instance, the development phase of Facebook since its deployment.

Mobile App Development Cost is No Less Than Web Development: I am sure many of you would be thinking like this that mobile app is for a smaller device and is small, so it will be cheaper than web app and so as the development cost. The complete app development process is the same where there are analysts, developers, designers, and testers. The comparative salary of all makes mobile app development charges the same as web development.

Cross-Platform App Conversion is Not Easy: App development is a vast field to discuss. When we say android app then it means it is customized for functionality in android devices because of the codes written and software used in it. Cross-platform conversion does not mean copying code, the app developer needs to start from the beginning.

Finishing Lines

Android app development is a vast topic to discuss. No one can define it in only a few lines. The field has an equal scope for developers, start-ups, and enterprises. If you are looking for any kind of android app development services then you can contact Credencys. We are the leading app development solutions capable of handling any kind of project. To learn more about Android apps and development you can refer to Credencys blog.


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