7 Reasons You Need a SharePoint Intranet

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7 Reasons You Need a SharePoint Intranet 1

There is no denying the fact that communication has always played a crucial role. It does not even matter in which sector/industry you work; communication is one vital factor that helps any business to achieve the desired results and success. 


If you go back in time and look at the companies, both large and small, you will realize that they have sometimes suffered to circulate focused messages about their service, product, marketing campaigns, etc. among their employees. Well, not only in the past, the situation is still prevalent in many companies, both large and small.

Since the companies struggle to pass on relevant information to their employees, they miss out on taking leverage of the potential their employees have.

A study conducted by Mindshare NA and Dynamic Signal shows that employees want to enjoy the right to advocacy and communication in their organization. According to this study, 74% of the employees think that they do not receive the company’s news/information and are usually not aware of what’s happening around. 

Since some of the companies fail to integrate a smooth flow of communication in their work environment, employee engagement in the company’s activities gets less enthusiastic. 

A lack of smooth communication results in less employee engagement, decreased productivity, loss of time and efforts, and many more things that eventually hamper the growth of the organization. Keeping that in mind, it becomes important that such issues must be addressed timely, and every organization must come up with an effective solution. 

Talking of a solution, it is not possible to hire a manager and let him/her deal with every employee or any other concerned person personally. This might suck up a lot of time. So, what do you think can be the right way to handle the problem? 

Don’t worry!! The right solution is here- SharePoint Intranet

Since technology has advanced at a high pace over time, and it still is on the verge of constant growth & development, why not make the best use of it? 

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A SharePoint intranet is a powerful medium that ensures a smooth flow of communication in any organization, making sure that everyone is in the loop of what’s happening in their work station. 

So, let’s jump onto how having a SharePoint intranet can take your business to the next level. 

SharePoint Intranet is All the Help You Need 

Passing on the company’s information to every employee or to whom it may concern can be quite a daunting task if one has to do it manually. 

Luckily, to keep humans away from feeling horrified, technology has gifted numerous digital tools. And when it comes to the possibility of having a flawless mode of communication, a SharePoint intranet happens to be your best friend. 

Since it is seen as a very powerful asset for any organization, let’s roll and have a look at why a business needs a SharePoint intranet. 

#1. Efficient Flow of Communication

One of the significant success factors for any business is to develop a seamless communication between its workforce. Well, the sad part is that many companies suffer from having one, and as a result, the ability to stay in the loop of what’s happening and carrying out different tasks gets affected. 

Well, with the SharePoint intranet, one doesn’t have to worry about the same. It is an ideal platform to have conversations and pass on the information to the concerned employees and receive their feedback. 

#2. Makes Information Sharing Easy

Work gets adversely affected when people can’t find the information they need, and they end up investing a lot of time and effort in looking for the information they need. As a result, the tasks get delayed, and sometimes, even the employees get frustrated. That’s when the SharePoint intranet comes into play. 

It helps people across the organization to have access to relevant information/documents they need to complete a specific task/project. And things fall right in the place. 

#3. Increases Employee Productivity

When employees have the information they need handy, they save a lot of time otherwise wasted in looking for the same or for contacting the person who has it. They also do not feel frustrated, and as a result, they invest the saved time in working on the task/project in hand with full efficiency. 

Thus, their overall productivity increases with the use of the SharePoint intranet, which eventually helps the organization grow.

#4. Promotes Transparency 

One of the significant benefits of using the SharePoint intranet is that it ensures complete transparency among the employees across the organization. The employees get to see all the aspects of the business, and this helps in developing a feeling of trust among them. 

#5. Reduces Complexity 

The customizable multi-functional and flexible framework offered by the SharePoint intranet makes it easy for the organizations to match it to their needs and objectives. It can also be scaled-up if the organization grows.

Thus, it reduces the possibility of getting things complicated and makes it easy for organizations to grow at a high pace. 

#6. Provides Complete Security 

The primary concern of every business is to keep its information, documents, and data safe and secure. There have been times when companies have to suffer significant losses due to the leakage of crucial information, etc. 

With the SharePoint intranet, one need not worry about keeping everything secure. Organizations can enjoy control over the access and security of documents that they do not want to share with the general audience. 

#7. Better Project Management

The task of creating and scheduling projects, keeping an eye on the progress of each project, and sharing relevant information can be quite tedious experience. With the SharePoint intranet, one can have a better experience. 

It makes it easy to create and schedule projects and keep track of the progress of each one of them. It also allows the project manager to help the employees with any issue they face. 

Should You Go for the SharePoint Intranet? 

As you can see the benefits that come along with a SharePoint intranet, do you think that you need to ponder over getting one for your organization? 

Tens of thousands of companies are already using the SharePoint intranet and taking leverage of its amazing benefits. In fact, many business leaders and CEOs are astonished to see how this one weapon holds power to boost their business growth. 

Seamless communication, enhanced collaboration, easy sharing of information/data/documents, increased employee productivity, complete transparency, reduction in complexity, advanced security, and better management of different projects and tasks are just a few benefits that a SharePoint offers. There is much more for you to take leverage of. 

So what are you waiting for? If you have not got your hands on this incredible mode of communication that can give you so much more, you should get one now. 

Also, if you are already taking leverage of the SharePoint intranet, feel free to share your experience in the comment box below. And those of you who are still in doubt, post your query below without having any second thought, and we will be more than happy to help. 

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