7 Reasons You Need to Follow a Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

By Chanchal Soni
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Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

The world is changing rapidly and so is the correct way to do business. If you are a business owner in 2020 and still rely on offline sales, your competitors will soon overtake you in terms of both sales and brand reputation.


We live in the era of the internet, where if you want your business to thrive, taking it online is vital. Here are seven reasons why you should follow digital marketing strategies in 2020 to grow your business online.

1. Increases Your Reach

The significant advantage of taking your business online is an enhanced reach. With an online business model and a robust digital marketing strategy, you can target global audiences with minimal effort. For example, having a website or a sturdy social media handle enables you to introduce yourself and your products & services to millions of people.

Moreover, adopting digital marketing strategies like SEO and mobile optimization, which help your website rank high on search engines, thereby increasing your business’ visibility and organic reach.

2. Enhanced Business Reach

Digital marketing not only allows you to improve your reach among users and customers but among businesses as well. A robust digital presence indicated credibility and trustworthiness, which naturally attracts more business partnerships and opportunities. Having a sturdy social media handle of platforms like LinkedIn allows you to attract suppliers, clients, and business partnerships.

If you offer digital or physical services, having a high-ranked website can help you attract more clients and partners.

3. Effective Audience Targeting

A proper digital marketing strategy enables you to be highly specific to your target audience. If you want to target middle-aged males from Manhattan only, you can do that easily with Google’s advertisement platform. On the other hand, if you’re going to target a global audience, Google, and other search engines and social media platforms allow you to do that as well. Therefore, digital marketing not only increases your reach and visibility but will enable you to target a specific group of audience.

4. Enhanced User Engagement

Digital marketing enables you to engage with your audience and customers efficiently. Having official handles on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram allows you to talk directly to your customers, solve their queries, and gather feedback.

However, making a website and a social media account is not all. You need a proper digital marketing strategy that helps you grow your website and social media handles, which eventually increase your reach and customer base.

You can run surveys, contests, and giveaways that attract customers and influence the audience to interact with your brand. Digital marketing also allows you to promote offers and discounts to a large number of audiences, which is otherwise impossible in the case of offline business.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Imagine being a customer that has complaints and feedbacks about a product, but no way to contact the company. Loyal customers provide feedback, and to sustain their loyalty; you need to respond to them. An online business allows your customers to contact you with ease, without any tedious processes of writing letters or sending emails.

Although sending emails is a part of digital marketing, not all business owners check mails frequently, especially if they are feedback mails. But having responsive media handles allow you to quickly respond to customer queries, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

6. Improved Brand Reputation

As your business grows online, more people start noticing it and talking about it. According to the Rule of Seven, “If people come across a brand seven times, they start recognizing the brand.” A robust digital marketing strategy allows you to take your brand to a global stage, making it more visible to the people.

When more people notice your brand, they start talking about it, which creates a buzz; buzz establishes a brand. Therefore, digital marketing helps you position your brand in a compelling way and enables you to establish dominance in your respective niche.

7. Improved Sales and Conversions

The ultimate objective of digital marketing is to grow your business and increase sales and conversions. Digital marketing helps increase reach and reputation, which in turn brings sales.

Let’s understand this with a small example. You visit a local market to purchase shoes. You come across two brands, both offering an identical pair of shoes for an identical price tag. You get confused and look for suggestions on the internet. For one brand, you find no results, but for the other one, you discover a website, an eCommerce store, social media handles, and a lot of positive reviews. Which one would you choose? Yeah, you have an answer.

The Bottom Line

As discussed, digital marketing, if appropriately applied to your business, can do wonders. From improving customer experience to increase sales and revenue, online marketing can help you achieve all kinds of business objectives.

However, digital marketing is a field of expertise and requires skill and experience. Moreover, digital marketing, if gone wrong, can have adverse effects on your brand reputation and online business. Therefore, it is essential to consult an experienced digital marketing company to achieve the best results.

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