7 Things AI can do better than Humans

7 Things AI can do better than Humans Techiexpert.com

Artificial intelligence is making constant revolutions in the contemporary world. These creations of humankind are better than humankind in certain things. Artificial intelligence is crossing new limits everyday to stand through in this new world of tremendous creations. So, can they beat us in our own games? Certainly, yes! Let us go through a couple of things for which one could definitely rely on artificial intelligence more than humans.

Searching the web faster

Well, it is known that the artificial intelligence can give better outcomes than the web’s biological creators. For example, RankBrain is an artificial intelligence that helps and works with the most difficult, weird and tough  web queries that are asked to Google’s search engine. It analyses the meaning of words and phrases,hence predicts as to what should be to the top ranking pages in never-seen-before searches. After a test, it was seen that  humans could guess 70% of the time, while RankBrain’s success rate was 80%.


Well, one commendable things about artificial intelligence is it’s ability to adapt and work efficiently in the most adverse environments. Be it outer space or deep oceanic areas.  It has improved in various aspects, now making it have the ability to take human-like decisions in such conditions.


There is no doubt that humans are great linguists, considering they were the originators of the whole phenomenon. But, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, and is catching up quickly in the translation business. For example, the google translate can translate anything into 27 different languages within a fraction of a sefacecond. Another great example to look at is skype, wherein, neural network technology that interprets the human brain just to analyse human speech and instantly translates from English to Spanish. Also, at Microsoft, they are beta testing the method with a view to expand it in any language, therefore give a face-to-face communication between humans with no knowledge of each other’s language.

Medical Diagnosis

Ever since the achievements of artificial intelligence has been on fleek, a focus area for their usage has been in medical diagnosis. Especially in the field of oncology and diagnosis of cancer. It is a challenging task to have an absolutely accurate diagnosis for humans practically.

When tested, the delivery of results by humans came up to the correctness of 50 percent whereas for artificial intelligence, it was 90 percent.


Well, the artificial intelligence surely knows how to beat us at our own game, pun intended. They have a great understanding of the how about virtual gaming. There have been instances where they have beaten us at our own records.


It analyses the data of a patient like their age, ethnicity, and gender. It helps in gaining a better overview for the treatment. It has outperformed traditional ways of predicting death.

Face recognition

Well, the artificial intelligence has aced the sense of recognition and understanding. They are far more accurate and better than humans. Human memory might not recall an identity. But, the artificial intelligence has not failed in the same. It also senses the lip movements of the other person to come with the best script of what the person is trying to convey.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is excelling as each day is passing by, but at the end of the day they still lack the sense of basic and general intelligence. But, the day they gain the ability to sift through that as well, the world of artificial; intelligence shall witness a new beginning of the phenomenon.


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