7 Tips to Send Cold Emails in 2019

7 Tips to Send Cold Emails in 2019 1

Cold emails are new marketing strategy to build up or develop a consumer base. Although they are unrequested and unsolicited by receiver meaning that the receiver neither requested for such an email nor any information was sent regarding it prior to sending it. Before you equate them with spams, they are different from them.

Though they differ by a very thin line, any violation can transfer your cold email to spam. For those who already have been trying this strategy and fail due to lack of response we list here few points which will not only help you initiate with cold emails but also can increase your chances of getting a reply

Do not buy lists of recipients

That’s the well-known truth. To have an email hunter to find emails is a good idea because you can control the process of email search and do it really quickly. Choose the platform that provides various types of email search and gives opportunity to verify the found emails on-the-go. For example, some platforms except the web application give access to the browser extension that can be activated on any webpage and lets you save the found emails.

Sort and send only to important people

To save your mail from getting into spam, send it only to the targeted audience. Instead of filling receiver’s list with every email id you have, research and filter the names. In the final list, include only those that you think are your potential client. Cold emails are also sent to prospective employers but again we advise you to research about the receiver before sending mails.

Short and informative subject line

If you are sending a person cold email, for a job or as a potential client, its highly likely you are not only one sending mails to that person. To make sure your mail doesn’t get ignored along with other mails, you should use an informative and short subject line. Other than informative and short it should be realistic. For example if you are mailing a potential employer you briefly met at a business conference you could invite them to a business conference and for someone you have never met before you can write the purpose of your email in subject line

Give them good reason to respond

If you are expecting a reply from a cold email, it is obvious you are requesting their time and effort for doing so. You should be able to convince the receiver that time they are going to spend in furthering the conversation is going to worth it. If you are sending to your potential client inform him about benefits he might get from dealing with you and if you are sending mail to a potential employer tell him briefly why you would be good choice for job.

Use numbers

Numbers serves dual purpose, it explains your point fairly and keep your mail short. Numbers are a great way to show legibility of email and they show you have put in efforts and did your research before sending out an email. Also numbers attract attention and make sure your details and facts are visible.

Provide social proof

If you sent out an email to someone, you must make sure that he believes its coming from a legible person. To prove your legibility you can either provide some of your references which have mutual connection or provide with a link to your LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

Be very specific

Specific and short mails are expected to have better response rate while those which are long and detailed are likely to get ignored. You should understand that the mail you’re sending is neither a requested one nor the expected one so the receiver is not willing to spend time reading it if its too long.

Therefore it is very necessary you keep it short and specific. Another tip you could use is not to end your cold emails with open ended questions. Make it easier for receiver to reply to your mail which saves the time of the receiver and increases response rate.

Also make to sure to reach out to the right email id. You can use Corporate Office HQ to get addresses and other details of US companies. You would not want the emails to bounce.

Effective opt-out option

It is very important to not to look like spam mail you provide an effective opt out option. Effective opt out option can be provided in two ways, either by providing a link to unsubscribe or by including aan ending line in the main body itself which serves your purpose.

The second option is preferable because it makes your email look more personal and increases response rate. Also, if someone doesn’t want to receive any further mails from you, refrain yourself from cold mailing them.

Avoid manual sending

Sending emails manually is not the best solution already as marketers already use automation tools like email drip campaigns. These tools let users create an email sequence with a schedule and triggers. Thanks to these two features, the emails will be sent on the proper days only and the follow-ups will be sent only in case the person interacts somehow with the email.


Cold email is a skill you learn as you do it. You need experience and time to increase your response rate. More you do it you will realise its about numbers and information , more you have both of them more response you can expect.  To assist you in this there are also a number of software available.

Written by Himanshu Gupta

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