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7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Streaming Analytics

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Streaming analytics, a new and effective technology, suffers from messaging and marketing issue. Businesses are facing problems and struggling to figure out the advantages of streaming analytics. Steaming analytics is highly flexible and valuable technology which all business can benefit from. Here are 7 such ways in which your business can benefit from streaming analytics.

Cybersecurity and monitoring threat

Businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks irrespective of their size. Several platforms exist to counter such issues but one major solution is performing a real-time exam of logs which various services and programs write to in the course of normal operations. Threats can be detected in minutes instead of the long-time taken by any average company.7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Streaming Analytics

Customer’s 360-degree view

Knowing who your customers are, what they really want is important to learn for every business out there. Streaming analytics leverage sentiments from the social media and the results of digital marketing and help gaining insight into customer’s minds which help businesses.

Issue troubleshooting

Streaming analytics helps companies to perform real-time data correlation which might have been disconnected otherwise.

Recommendation engines

Knowing your customers help in providing them exactly what they want. Through streaming analytics, marketing teams have more information and can figure out what is the need of the customers and recommend the same to them.

Fraud prevention

Fraud is a major threat to any business and streaming analytics helps prevent such risks. By incorporating analytics with billing services, potential fraud can be prevented immediately before they cannot be undone. Streaming analytics help develop models which identify anomalous activities with remarkable precision and speed.

Predictive maintenance

Streaming analytics when tied in with cybersecurity minimizes risk of failure of equipments. It helps businesses realize when maintenance is required on routers, IoT devices, computers and more.

Real-time sentiment

Streaming analytics help collect responses in real time from a customer to products of a company. Sentiments of a customer can change at any time, hence marketing efforts involve sentiment analytics. Customers are never wrong is the idea behind this effort.

Streaming analytics helps companies and businesses to not be always reacting to a threat but be proactive to prevent them. Being proactive results in making processes cheaper, safer and faster. Streaming will clearly play some major role in the field of analytics. The future seems bright and businesses need to start taking note and realize the values of streaming before the competition moves ahead using the same.

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