8 Apps Necessary for Every Student

8 Apps Necessary for Every Student 1

When you are in college, you always have plenty of stuff going on in your life, and managing it all is never easy. Academic struggles, tight budgets, draining lectures – these and many other issues are present in student lives and often can really get in the way of your success. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

In this article, we have gathered the top eight cool apps that will take your student life to a new quality level. Read on to learn how you can handle different everyday issues with no stress!


Have you ever dreamt about having a magic app that would make your grades go up? We bet that every student did. And the good news is that this is no longer a dream but a reality. With the help of, students get a unique opportunity to boost their grades without a hassle. So, this is one of those must-have apps you want to always be at hand.

What does it do for you? WritePaper gives you access to a huge pool of qualified MA and Ph.D. academic writers. You can hire these trusted experts to write, rewrite, proofread, and edit your essays and other academic papers. By doing this, you can save plenty of time, eliminate the stress of being a student, and become a top achiever without effort. So, if you are struggling with paper writing or just want to take a break from a hefty academic load, be sure to bookmark it right now!

8 Apps Necessary for Every Student 2


The next must-have application students want to have in their toolkit is Focuswriter. If we had to describe it in a few words, Focuswriter is a word processor for students who hate essay writing. It is a free tool compatible with all common operating systems, and, most importantly, it makes writing academic papers much simpler.

The main distinctive feature of this word processor is that it has a very plain interface. It is not overloaded with tabs, menus, and other elements that can get distracting during the writing process. Thanks to its distraction-free nature, it makes it super easy to concentrate on your paper and, thus, helps you write it quicker and easier.


Since we are already talking about academic writing, there is one more app that will come in handy for such tasks. There is no secret that most educational institutions have very strict policies against plagiarism. So, if you want to keep your grades high, you have to always be 100% confident that the papers you submit are absolutely plagiarism-free. And there is no better tool for this than Turnitin.

We bet that many of you have already heard about it. Turnitin is known as one of the teachers’ favorite software for checking plagiarism. We offer you to add it to your toolkit, too, in order to ensure that none of your papers get poorly graded because of a bad plagiarism score.


Different educational apps are incredibly popular these days. And Coursera might be one of the most popular ones of them. Suppose you want to gain additional knowledge in a subject you study in college, earn a new skill, learn a foreign language, or do anything else. Coursera will have a course for it!

This amazing platform gives you access to a huge variety of lessons and courses on all subject matters. Many of the courses are provided by the world’s top-ranked educational facilities and industry leaders. And the best part is that there are plenty of free or nearly free classes that you can try. So, if you want to boost your knowledge or hone some skills in a simple and stress-free manner, give it a try!


Have you ever felt like there is too much going on in your life that things are getting a bit out of hand? We’ve all been there and know how stressful this can feel. Therefore, the next student must-have app on our list is Any.Do – a smart planner that lets you get organized with ease.

Any.Do can be used from a browser or as an Android or iOS app. It enables you to manage all your to-do’s in one place. With this tool, you can create to-do lists, organize your tasks, and sync everything with a calendar to ensure that you never forget about something important. 

It also lets you use smart voice automation and priority setting features for organizing your schedule. Be sure to get it to gain control over your daily responsibilities and find the so-needed balance in life.

Office Lens

As a student, you must be dealing with lots of information and educational materials that come in different formats. Often, these materials come in printed documents, written text, and whiteboard notes. And often, you have to process the information you receive via such resources into an editable digital document that can be later used for your study sessions.

Typing or writing down the information from such materials can be rather time-consuming. But not with Office Lens. This awesome free app was designed by Microsoft, and it lets you convert any printed or written text, as well as whiteboard screens, into a PDF, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint file in a few clicks. Office Lens is a tool that makes note-taking quick and simple. So, be sure to get it for iOS or Android!


If there is one thing that’s more stressful and complicated than academic writing, it must be cramming for your exams. Students have to pass lots of tests and exams every month, and getting ready for them effectively can be a real challenge. But it gets easy with Cram.

Cram is a user-friendly app designed to help you study for exams without hassle. It is available for iOS and Android users, as well as online. With its help, you can access a huge database of ready-made flashcard sets or create your own and leverage them to cram for tests better. Without any doubt, Cram is an awesome tool for supercharging your study sessions!


There is no secret that most students are forced to live on a shoestring budget. Having to cover high college costs and often not being able to have a full-time job, young people frequently face budget-related issues. If that sounds like you, the last app on our list is for you!

UniDays is an ultimate shopping app that is already used by 17 million students. It is compatible with iOS and Android and can be used all over the world. 

With this app, students get access to a huge variety of coupons, promo codes, free shipping, and the best student deals on all kinds of goods and services. This is a real must-have for young people who want to shop for stuff they like without harming their tight budgets.

The Bottom Line

Although student lives are never laid back, these days, there are plenty of opportunities to make them a bit less stressful and more productive. From writing assistants to shopping apps – all these tools are designed to simplify different areas of your life and let you enjoy your college years to the fullest.

Hopefully, each of you will find something handy in this article! So, don’t hesitate and try the apps from this list to achieve greater success with less effort.

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