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8 Best Free Partition Recovery Software for Windows 10

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You know where documents and photos are stored on your computer, consider that they will not disappear anywhere and will always be there … But in reality, someone may accidentally delete a folder, damage to the hard disk may occur and information will disappear. It is best to keeps back up information and saves copies of information in cloud storage. But if there are no copies left, do not panic! The main thing is to act quickly, and there are great chances that you will return deleted documents, or photos. For this, you will need a utility to recover information, preferably free. In this article we will look at some of the best free partition recovery software for recovering deleted information:

If you need to recover information from a disk, it is better not to install anything on this disk, and to start recovery programs from a USB flash drive. This rule will increase the chances of a successful result!


  1. Recuva:

Recuva is free software and one of the most convenient free data recovery utilities.

After installation, you will be asked what files you want to restore, where to search and fast search, or in-depth (the in-depth look of the search lasts much longer and can take hours, but it has better results!)

After scanning the system, a window 10 with the found files will open, select the required one (if found) and choose where to restore.

If the search did not give results, use the in-depth scan; if it also does not give results, try another program.

  1. RecoverIt:

It also one of the most useful partition recovery utilities. That not only help to recover deleted partition but also helps to set up the data backup. There is nothing difficult in the installation, just click on the circle further, and at the end remove the checkboxes from the “open site” and launch the “Internet TV”

After installation, you can select the interface, and start the search. The search itself is fast but still finds deleted files. Hardly it will save you after formatting, but after a normal removal can help you

After searching – select the necessary files, click “Save”. Choose where to save the path and click “Start”

This program will help you with the deleted files, and also helps to set back for your other Hard drive too.

  1. MiniTool Partition Recovery:

This program will be useful for those who want to restore the partition. It happens that people probably have lost the partition :). There is an opportunity to download a paid program that can restore partitions after formatting, but you can restore up to 1GB for free.

After installation, you need to select the disk where to look for the partition and select the search options

  1. PhotoRec:

PhotoRec is a good program with many features and almost no limitations. Works on all operating systems understand about two hundred file formats, also with the help of TestDisk add-on, you can recover a lost partition.

No need to install, just unpack the archive and run photorec_win. The program itself has a Dos-interface and everything is in English, so you need at least some understanding of English or a translator at hand

  1. FreeUndelete:

It’s an easy-to-install and in-use data recovery program.

After the launch, we select the disk for scanning and wait, unfortunately, I haven’t found anything, although the deleted files were … Maybe you will have better luck

  1. Paragon Rescue Kit Free:

This utility is useful for those who do not boot the operating system.

With its help you can:

  • create a boot disk;
  • data backup;
  • fix Windows boot;
  • restore the system partition;
  • copying data from a damaged hard disk

and this is not the whole list of functions of this utility. Such a disc will be useful to keep on hand just in case.

  1. Undelete 360:

Another simple utility to recover data after the deletion

Installation is not complicated, in the end, you need to uncheck it so that it does not put extra extras. After installation, you need to select the search area and click “Search”, then select the necessary files to restore from the list of found files and click “restore”

There were no difficulties in working with the program, the files were deleted, let’s hope that it will help you

  1. PC INSPECTOR ™ File Recovery:

After installation, you will be prompted to select a language and decide on data recovery actions.

If none of the listed programs helped you, it is recommended to use paid programs, such as EasyRecovery Professional. With their help, data is often restored after formatting and deleting data. Unfortunately, there is no 100% recovery method, but if everything is done correctly and quickly, then you will return the documents! Good luck to you

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