8 Crucial Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

8 Crucial Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce 1

In today’s so-called smart era when everything is getting virtual, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence or AI in eCommerce is a remarkable movement towards progress. By adopting the AI technology, e-commerce businesses are creating a boom in the market.

Artificial Intelligence is somewhat a challenge to the creative power of a human being. It aims to achieve something which at times becomes tedious for human employees. With the right coding, it learns faster and better than compared to humans. The absence of emotional issues and health-related restrictions allow it to think logically and perform better. It has the power to detect any fraudulent activity which might be overlooked by humans. It can interact with human users and predetermine their needs.

 For a strong understanding of the behavior of human users and to provide the customers with a satisfactory experience, the e-commerce companies are reportedly adopting the new AI technology. Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce has now emerged as an individual business solution and is dominating the market. Now the question lies in the part that how are the business companies improvising this unique and innovative technology? Let us know have a look at the below list of the 8 crucial ways to justify the statement:

1) Identifies Potential Customers and Re-target Them :

 Many a time, the sales team fails to keep a track of the leading products and services in the market and hence could not impress potential buyers who might have an interest in the item. AI manages all such customer data and makes a note of the time spent by him on a specific product. Based on this information, AI responds to the next visit of such potential buyers and highlights any offer or deals available with the product searched previously. This would surely help to flourish your eCommerce business.

 2) AI Analyses Customer’s Data and Recommends Products :

 Based on the purchase history and search inquiries of a customer, AI analyses the records and offers product recommendations. It helps to stimulate the customers to return to the site again and the visitors to remain in the site for long. This makes a sure shot target fulfilled and the customers end up buying the product. Finally, the customers feel satisfied and in turn, the retailers earn revenue.

 3) Application of AI in eCommerce Chatbot Index :

The all-new AI Chatbot is a powerful tool which is programmed to be conversant with the customers and settle them with thoughtful solutions. It has learning capabilities and hence understands the needs of the customers. It is a cost-effective way to serve customers. By analyzing the particular query of the customer it directs them to the targeted products. AI chatbot runs 24×7 and successfully gives a feeling of personal touch. Hence it is greatly accepted by the customers.

 4) AI Generates Description of The Products :

Product description forms the heart and soul of an e-commerce business. Based on the product description, the customers decide to make any purchase. If the details match his requirements, the customer even chooses to ignore the product image and orders it instantly. Writing down the enormous description is toilsome and time-consuming. AI generates an automated description of products by hunting into the related contents from the internet. AI uses the keyword to research and finds its relevant details. It can create and modify the product description as and when required. This is a cost-effective and convenient process for any business team.

 5) AI Performance Is Device Independent :

Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce brings about a new way of personalization which carries out irrespective of the device. For instance, a user generally searches for a product in the portal of a particular website through his computer system as well as mobile devices. In some cases, he might fail to find the product availability due to conditions like being out of stock or yet to be launched in the market. AI keeps a track record of such browsing history of the user. Whenever the product gets launched or becomes available in the website, AI brings about a push notification in all the devices wherever the user has logged in. This multi-channel marketing strategy enhances the customers’ experience as he is able to make the purchase directly through the portable device.

 6) AI Could Combat Fake Reviews :

 Selling of a product highly depends on the customer reviews and feedback of the product. Customers, who cannot physically examine a particular item, solely takes the decision according to the previous ratings of the product. AI operates on a smart learning system which verifies the whole functioning. It identifies fake reviews and boosts the reviews of verified customer purchase.

7) Autonomous Robot in The Warehouse :

 Improvisation of the automated robots in the warehouses has changed the entire scenario of the stores. The robots greet the visitors and guide them with relevant information regarding the product while they take a tour of the warehouse. They are even programmed to assist their human counterparts during the dispatching and shipping of the product. Their efficiency is significant and they reduce the cost of employees too. In addition to that, they relieve the experienced storekeepers to enable them to get into more meaningful activities.

 8) AI Generates Post Sales Report :

 The automated customer service solutions segment of the AI in eCommerce looks after the post-sale services. They create a follow-up process which is automated. In this process, AI handles all sorts of after sale issues like warranty period related queries, complaints, returns, and refunds.

Off late, Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce has brought about a revolutionary solution. We are even more excited about what the future has in store. It gives us the freedom to deal more with our soft skills while AI handles the software-oriented features. It undoubtedly increases sales and revenue and opens up new opportunities. Hence this AI in eCommerce is the new smart technology that will bring about an enormous transformation in our lives which is worth welcoming.

Written by Ravi

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