8 Methods to Protect Yourself and Your Macbook

Methods to Protect Yourself and Your Macbook

You read a lot of stories about how companies have their information centers breached and how third parties have acquired sensitive personal information about various people. You cannot put your trust in others a lot these days.

Those who have been using a Macbook will know that the computer is praised for its stability and longevity. However, when it comes to security, there is a lot left to be desired. And those who have concerns about their personal data will want to look for methods that fortify the current security system on a Macbook.

Method #1 – Clean Junk Files from Your System

Junk files are going to accumulate over time and slow down the system. A sluggish computer will be late to detect threats and get rid of them. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but you should still look to use utility software like cleanmymac and remove junk files from the system.

Method #2 – Get a Reliable Anti-Malware Tool

8 Methods to Protect Yourself and Your Macbook 1

A reliable anti-virus should be one of the priorities when talking about a safe and secure computer or any other device.

Thankfully, the world of technology continues to advance, and we have the help of artificial intelligence. The AI does a lot toward developing better malware tools, especially when it comes to reacting faster.

Cybersecurity threats come first, and those who are responsible for the security have to be on the defense and react to new threats.

There are multiple options when it comes to anti-malware tools. Some people like to stick to default software that comes with the computer. Others prefer to pay for a well-known brand or stick to what is reliable and available for free.

Having anti-virus in the background is not something that one would recommend. You should actively scan the Macbook at least once every month to make sure that there are no viruses or malware infesting the computer.

Method #3 – Update the Software

Software and OS updates are usually released to improve stability and performance. However, there are cases when a patch is meant to address the issues of security specifically. The bottom line is that you should be up to date with both the OS and software that you use.

Method #4 – Optimize Internet Browser

Your security is exposed when you are surfing the internet. The browser should be optimized with extensions and add-ons that boost the overall security. Something like ad-blockers will prevent annoying pop-ups that, when clicked on accidentally, could cause more harm than you expect.

Regularly clearing caches, cookies, and browsing history will also give you peace of mind when using the browser. Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Method #5 – Avoid Public Wi-Fi

8 Methods to Protect Yourself and Your Macbook 2

There will be times when you have to use the internet in a cafe or a hotel on your vacation. However, as things are nowadays, it would be better to avoid public Wi-Fi, or at the very least connecting via virtual private networks.

Since public Wi-Fi is available to everyone, you can never be certain whether someone is not waiting to get access to your personal information. So in case you need to join the public internet, never check your bank or any other accounts that require passwords, do not browse on unsecured sites, and avoid using any applications.

Method #6 – Avoid Sharing Location with Applications

Speaking of applications, you have probably seen notifications popping now and then on whether you agree to accept the cookies, or whether you want to share your location.

There is no reason ever to accept such terms unless you are certain that it will not do you any harm in the long run. But as a rule of thumb, if you encounter anything of the kind, do not bother accepting these terms.

Method #7 – Come up with Strong Passwords

8 Methods to Protect Yourself and Your Macbook 3

A strong password is necessary. If you have profiles on multiple different websites, never use the same password.

The password should also be changed frequently, especially for more important accounts, such as for your bank. Also, when you are thinking up a new password, do not stick with just a random word and a few numbers at the end of it. Use random password generators that will create strong passwords with multiple different symbols.

Method #8 – Avoid Fishy Websites and Unknown Files

Whenever you stumble upon a website that looks suspicious, you are better off avoiding it. Shady sites look that way for a reason – they are usually created with an intent to extract something from the visitors.

The same principle applies to unknown files. If you ever receive unknown attachments in the email or someone sends you random stuff on social media or another platform, ignore the message.

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