8 Things to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

By Sony T
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8 Things to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website 1

People take a lot of time to consider rebranding their business but change websites on a whim. That is like a store changing its layout regularly. Changing the design to your site will require time, money, and effort. Therefore, there are eight things to consider before making the decision.


Changing Products/Services

Anytime you make a drastic change in your product or service you offer, you will want to consider altering your site. If you currently catering to a specific group of people, your website should reflect that. For example, if your services encompass only a small demographic, highlight this on your site. Your website should tell your potential clients your business goal without you directly telling them. When this changes, it is wise to redesign the pages with the help of a custom web development company.

Audience Change

In the same fashion as a change in goods/services, the decision to target a different set of people requires altering your site. Websites rely on tone, colors, and font combinations that appeal to specific groups. Adjusting your site allows you to generate content and reach your new audience. When you fail to update, you risk having a site that looks outdated and untrustworthy.

Accessibility Issues

Technology is fluid and updates regularly. Google uses algorithms to determine rankings for search engines. You want to make sure your site is accessible to people with disabilities and those using mobile devices. If your code or template is not flexible, consider redesigning to a site that accommodates everyone.

Security Issues

Hackers have complicated online presence for thousands of companies. While a complete redesign is not always necessary, you need to make sure your current setup uses SSL and firewalls. Keeping your client’s personal information is so important that Google requires warning popups to be used for sites without security measures in place.

Meeting Goals

Every business should have a plan in place that states its short-term and long-term goals. Whether you are looking to: generate revenue, create leads, or communicate with your customers, your website should convey that message. Web design includes locations for your call-to-actions and advertisements. Anytime you notice your site is not meeting business goals set, talk to your web developer about changes needed.

Site Manageability

Basic websites are ideal for small businesses or personal blogs. However, when you start to grow and expand, your site must develop with you. Developers at Nicada Digital work with you to change website design services to include having a site that is light on the backend, but able to scale to your needs.

Easy to Navigate

Webpages cannot generate leads if visitors are unable to navigate around the site. They should give them answers to their questions and find the products they wish to purchase. Analytics look at how many people visit your page, but also how long they stay. If you notice that people only spend a few seconds on your site, it is time to consider a redesign.

Reflect Your Brand

Finally, your company’s online presence should always reflect your brand. The website is one place where everything regarding your identity should match. Developers and graphic designers work together to make: logos, mission statements, and values an intricate part of the look of your site. If you rebrand, you will need to change your webpages as well.

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