8 Tips to get more Twitter Followers in 2018

8 Tips to get more Twitter Followers in 2018 1

Twitter is the easiest social following medium to grow yourself from scratch. It is a powerful tool for any individual and business group when used properly. Due to its fast-moving and simple feature half of the marketers prefer this as their go-to-network for engaging their customers. As you know a higher twitter follower implies more influence in the industry and also denotes the strength of your audience, leads, and customer satisfaction.

This powerful tool helps you generate a lead, provide a good connection and solidify your brand name. That is why having an active Twitter profile with the number of followers hold real value to your prospect as well as business.

Here are 8 super simple tips which have been implemented and proven to get more Twitter followers for several Twitter accounts.

  1. Stick To An Appropriate Profile With Cover Photo

The first and foremost step in the process of getting more numbers of the Twitter follower is to use a clear and high-resolution photo or logo as your profile and cover photo. This will provide a real identity to your profile, and no one thinks you as a spammer while deciding whether to follow you or not.

There is thousands of spammer profile on Twitter, so differentiate yourself from them by adding a relevant profile picture and appropriate profile to showcase your trustworthiness.

  1. Tweet Regularly

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter needs an aggressive content strategy. You have to tweet three to seven tweets per day to boost your engagement on Twitter. But while tweeting you have to emphasize your context and competitive analysis.

As tweeting is not only about promoting yourself, it is also about letting your potential customers know that you are active and worth following. You can also take the assistance of social scheduling software to queue up your contents for a regular tweet in real-time. It will let you acquire new followers round the clock. But keep this in your mind if you keep sharing every minute, then you will earn an unfollow ticket from your follower, so keep tweeting, but as and when needed.

  1. Time Your Tweets to Perfection

Apart from an appropriate tweet, blasting your tweet in time is also crucial. Tweeting when your target audience is sleeping won’t give you the required result. The best time to post is during the weekdays and in the early and late afternoons.

The proper timing will assist you and rewards you with much-needed exposure. So schedule your tweet to hit when the users are more active, and tweet in real-time within an interval to attract your followers.

  1. Post More Visual Content

It’s true that tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares, and retweets than those text-based tweets. There is nothing wrong in those text-based tweets, but images provide an eye-catching aspect and encourage the visitors to take a look at your post.

  1. Always Tweet with Opinions or Questions

It is always a key to tweet in a different way. Tweets with a title or an ordinary statement won’t work much with your follower; they won’t even care about your tweet. So it is quite good to include an indisputable question or an entertaining opinion with your tweet to get your followers engaged.

The more they come into the tweet, the more your tweet become viral and leads to more and more exposure and followers.

  1. Spread your Twitter URL

Spread your Twitter URL on your Facebook, and Instagram profile, on your business profiles and websites as well. It will let the people in your circle see your tweets and most likely to follow you if they find it interesting. You can also boost tweets using a  Twitter Reseller Panel.

  1. Follow Appropriate People

First, follow others to get more and more followers, this is the basic thumb rule. Let others know about your existence. But the thing is, don’t follow random people. Follow people you’d like to actually follow you. So don’t follow hundreds of people before you start getting followers yourself.

If you follow more numbers of casual people than people follow you, then people start to question your genuineness.

Final Words

It’s true that creating a large community of followers is a huge task, but instead of getting cheap Twitter followers if you follow these steps and devote your time to get engaged with your audience, then you will add a good number of Twitter followers in no time.

Written by Himanshu Gupta

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