9 Tech Tips For Mastering Zoom

By Sony T
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9 Tech Tips For Mastering Zoom 1

As we hunker down for an extended stay of working from home, Zoom is increasingly a popular tool for managing geographically dispersed team members and nurturing collaborating across teams.


Since businesses are adopting Zoom in record numbers, mastering Zoom is an essential skill. Now it’s time to master those insider tricks.

1. Join Zoom Using Stealth Mode

Business etiquette demands you join Zoom meetings without making a sound. This is particularly useful if you happen to be joining a Zoom videoconference after the meeting has already started and don’t want to inadvertently interrupt the meeting.

Start by adjusting your microphone. Then open your Zoom app on your desktop and click on ‘Settings’. Select the ‘Audio’ tab and check the box to mute your microphone when joining a meeting.

You can also join a Zoom videoconference without your video. This is helpful if your bandwidth is low and you have video quality problems.

When you’re ready to turn your camera or your microphone back on, simply click the button at the bottom of your screen during your call.

2. Style Your Background

Messy backgrounds can be distracting for your audience as well as embarrassing. Sorting out your shelves, strategically positioning a plant or two or hanging a nice poster or artwork on the wall can lift your background.

You can also create your own digital background. Open your Zoom app. Click on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Virtual Background.’ Choose from Zoom’s many options. When you click on the visual you like, it will automatically appear on your screen.

Alternatively, you can upload an image of your own. Go to Zoom’s ‘Virtual Background’ page. Then click on the ‘+’ icon alongside ‘Choose Virtual Background’. Upload your image and click on it to select it.

3. Set Up Zoom Video conference Reminders On Your Phone

If you’ve ever missed a Zoom videoconference you appreciate how embarrassing and unprofessional that can be. Now you can ensure you never miss a videoconference by setting up Zoom reminders on your phone.

Go to Zoom. Go to the ‘Meeting Settings’ section. Select ‘Meeting Reminders On Your Mobile Device’.

That’s it. Now your Zoom app will automatically notify your mobile when it’s time to join a Zoom videoconference.

4. Tweak Your Videoconference Look

There are times when the lidless eye of the video camera does us no favours. Zoom’s beauty filter can soften your camera’s focus.

Simply open Zoom. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Video’. Check the box for Touch Up My Appearance.

The results aren’t as radical as your social media filters, but it will give you a kinder, gentler look!

5. Record Your Zoom Videoconferences

Management has plenty of reasons to record your Zoom videoconferences. Whether its for making action notes afterwards or share it with team members who were unable to join in on the call.

Fire up Zoom. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Recording’ then select the option to turn on recording.

When you’re hosting a Zoom meeting, simply click the Record icon on your bottom toolbar. All videoconference recordings will subsequently be saved to your laptop. You can also upload your recording to the Cloud.

Similarly, sort out any old content lingering on VHS, audiotapes or even 8mm film reels so you have it at your fingertips for Zoom calls by taking advantage of VHS to DVD transfer technology.

6. Mute Your Audience Simultaneously

If you’re hosting a Zoom videoconference and everyone is talking over each other, with a few keystrokes you can mute all your participants. If you’re hosting a meeting.

Just click Alt+M if you’re a PC owner or ⌘Cmd+Ctrl+M on your MacBook.

There is a longer option using your Zoom host controls. Open it up in the Zoom app and click on ‘Manage Participants’. Click on the participant list and simply click ‘Mute All’.

7. Humanise Your Zoom Videoconference Using Emojis

If you’re in a staff meeting with team members colleagues and you want to comment without interrupting, you can signal your opinion more subtly by using emojis to signal your opinion.

Simply click on your ‘Reactions’ tab at the bottom of your meeting screen. You’ll find it to the right in the same panel as your ‘Mute Audio and Video.’

In your ‘Reactions’ tab, select an emoji appropriate to your opinion. Don’t panic if you inadvertently click on the wrong emoji. After five seconds your choice of emoji will disappear.

8. Know Who Is In Your Zoom Audience

When you host a Zoom videoconference with your team, you know who is in your audience. If you see some fresh faces amongst your audience, Zoom can help by displaying the names of each individual participating in your videoconference.

Fire up Zoom then click through to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Video’. Check the box for ‘Always Display Participant’s Name On Their Videos’

9. Fire Off A Quick Invitation

Oops! You’re in a Zoom videoconference when you realise you’ve omitted to invite a participant. That’s an easy fix thanks to the quick invite option.

In Zoom, type Alt+I on a PC or ⌘Cmd+I if you’re a Mac user to open the Invite window. Click on the Email tab, copy the videoconference URL and email it to your missing participant. You can also invite a participant on your contact list by clicking on ‘Contacts.’

Final Observation

Try these useful tips and share them with your team. Understanding how to get the best out of your Zoom videoconferences can make for more productive and enjoyable Zoom experiences. And while you’re online, don’t forget to ensure your connection is secure. If you don’t already have a firewall in place, add one. Firewalls can prevent hackers from penetrating your network and accessing your confidential files. Same goes for virus and malware scanning software. Make sure you regularly run scans of your computer and keep your subscription up to date.

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