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  • Automotive industry in slow lane for using AI: Report

    According to the report which has been revealed by the Capgemini, only 10% of the automotive company across the globe are implementing AI projects as a vast level despite the technology potential to boost up the profit. The number of increasing automotive companies that have already successfully scaled the AI implementation projects has also increased […] More

  • American Government Launches as US AI Initiatives

    The American Government has now launched a new website which is dedicated to hosting the initiatives involving the ongoing efforts to build, regulate and implement the AI. The site,, arrives in a month after the president Trump signed an executive order that shows the country policy on the AI. This also includes the objectives […] More

  • Nvidia’s Reveals Jetson Nano, an AI Computer That Only Costs $99

    Nvidia which is one of the largest chipset maker company has now revealed a $99 artificial intelligence computer which is called by the name as Jetson Nano that can create multiple intelligent systems. The company has also collaborated with the Amazon Web Services to enable the customers to deploy the deep learning and AI to […] More

  • 5 Challenges Faced By The Artificial Intelligence Industry

    We know how the artificial intelligence field is growing which is also creating major changes in our lifestyles, day by day many things are getting better and with the help of this technology, we humans are getting more closer to the machines, the sci-fi movies that we used to watch with trill is going to […] More

  • Treatment Of Cancer With Big Data

    Treatment Of Cancer With Big Data

    To use millions of pieces of data that fly across the Internet. This is the magic power of Big Data. Artificial intelligence then enters the image to find patterns and give meaning to massive and heterogeneous information flows. Together, these two technologies have embarked on a giant mission far from their usual commercial applications: finding […] More

  • How artificial intelligence is changing visual arts [infographics]

    Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way in which a variety of industries operate: cybersecurity, health care, construction, and business to name a few. But it’s also penetrating the visual arts industry, expanding artists’ opportunities and potential beyond that of anything that existed in the past. IBM’s Chef Watson is transforming the culinary arts, computer-generated novels […] More

  • How Governments are Getting Transformed By Artificial Intelligence

    How Governments are Transforming with Artificial Intelligence

    Major technologies like AI, cloud computing, big data, robotics, blockchain had drawn the attention of the private sector. To make the business more productive and increase the efficiency these technologies took a major part. At present, the government is trying to implement many AI applications and many are in progress right now. The best example […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence: Separating the Hype from Reality

    Artificial Intelligence: Separating the Hype from Reality

    Like bees for honey, technology trends generate hype. Just adding the word “dotcom” to the name of the company raises stock prices in the days of Internet salads. Cloud computing, big data, and each cryptocurrency have taken a turn in the cycle of sensations in recent years. Every trend brings truly promising technological developments, screwing […] More

  • IIT Madras in collaborated with Bosch unveiling AI And Data Science Centre

    IIT Madras in collaborated with Bosch making its establishment of new centre for data science and artificial intelligence in the limits of the campus. Whereof, the technology would be investing ₹20 crores (2.5 million euros) over the upcoming five years in the centre to address uncalculated demanding challenges in the parameters of the platform. The Robert […] More

  • 2018 Most Significant Machine Learning Advances

    2018 Most Significant Machine Learning Advances

    Answer by Xavier Amatriain, Former ML researcher, now the leading Engineering team: “If I have to summarize the main things about the progress of machine learning in 2018 in a few headlines, this is what I might say: AI hype and fear of drying out to be cold. Focus more on concrete problems such as […] More

  • Remarkable Impacts Of AI On Photography

    Remarkable Impacts Of AI On Photography

    Since few decades artificial intelligence is being embedded into cameras. With the advent of technology, programming resulted in the capturing of high-quality images. As we don’t know the bounds of human intelligence and in the same way we don’t know about the bounds of artificial intelligence as well. By the end of this year, a […] More

  • How Artificial Intelligence will Change Our World In Future

    How Artificial Intelligence will Change Our World In Future

    Every human needs food, water and shelter as their basic needs. Nowadays artificial intelligence is included in this list. In future, it will surely become a part of human life. In 2016 Internet access is considered as a basic human right. Even now Interruption in the connection of the Internet is considered as human right […] More

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