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  • Impact of AI Technology on the Economy and Business

    AI brought $700 billion to companies – Gartner In April, 2018, Gartner analytical agency published the results of a study showing how much companies in the world have earned money through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Experts assessed the commercial value of AI systems in companies representing various industries. The sum is made up […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence will weaken the financial system

    In the few up coming years Artificial Intelligence will going to take over the world of finance or they can also automate the investing along with other services- but it is opening doors for some difficulty in systematic weakness and introducing risks, stated in a recent report from the World Economic Forum (WEF). The report […] More

  • How fast is AI progressing?

    How fast is AI progressing?

    Stanford publishes an AI index for an attempt to measure the progress in the development of Artificial Intelligence. It has a Volume of Activity metrics which looks into the amount of capital invested, no. of attendance at academic conferences, no. of papers published etc. It obviously shows a manifold increase in academic activity since 1996, […] More