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  • How AI is Changing Our Lives [infographic]

    We’re in an interesting space right now technology-wise. We have AI that is capable of driving cars, summarizing search results, and a whole lot more besides. AI is making its presence felt from the boardroom to the bedroom. With 62% of top execs using AI to identify opportunities already, it has already made a significant […] More

  • Big data has extensive capabilities and a wide range of applications

    Big Data Trends that will Shape 2019

    Big Data Trends – The road ahead While 2018 saw continued growth and dependency on big data, the world also witnessed high-profile data breaches and online scams. Today, big data has become integral for business, particularly online business. Its growing dependency has manifested in a clear shift in the focus of business towards data-driven decision […] More

  • GOI Plans to Launch its own National Artificial Intelligence Center

    Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a area of computer science that allows a computer to act or work as a human mind could think or an intelligent human could work. This design includes the working of computers that includes speech, recognition and learning. For the development and growth of the economy of the Indian Society, central Government […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence Seen As A $340-Billion Opportunity For Retailers

    The use of the latest Artificial Intelligence provides about the $340 Billion cost-saving opportunities for all those retail companies that are even able to scale and expand the scope of their existing deployments, according to the report which has been revealed by the Capgemini. Moreover, around one percent of the retailer has achieved this level […] More

  • AI System Learns to Diagnose, Classify Intracranial Haemorrhage

    Some of the researchers have developed a system with the Artificial Intelligence to quickly and easily diagnose and classify brain hemorrhages and to provide with some of the basics of its decisions which is relatively small mage datasets. According to some of the researchers, such a system could also become an indispensable tool for the […] More

  • How IBM is using A.I. for marketing For Customer Acquisition

    Nowadays IBM is working so hard to disentangle the concepts behind Artificial Intelligence to clients by explaining to them how technology is helpful in making the decisions. Eight-two percent of the C suite executives researched and revealed that they wanted to use the AI but were so much concerned about some of the unconscious bias […] More

  • New AI system mimics how humans visualise, identify objects

    Now scientists have developed a computer system which can help to discover and identify the real world objects which are based on the same method of visual learning that humans nowadays mainly use the system is an advance in a type of technology known as the “computer vision” that also nables the computers to read […] More

  • Imperial College scientists create AI system to help treat sepsis

    A scientist has created an AI system which could help treat patients with sepsis by predicting the best treatment strategy. The system which is developed by researchers from the Imperial College London in the UK analyzed the records of about 100000 hospital patients in intensive care units and each and every single doctor’s decision affecting […] More

  • Understanding Customers by Blending Human Insight and Machine Learning1

    How will artificial intelligence influence your future?

    The future will going to be so much exciting, passionating new world completely different from what it is now. Computer’s power is going to be double day by day, this tremendous rise in computer power is increasing with the help of Innovative Technologies which is evolving across the globe. By uniting people and innovation in […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence can spot fake

    Any fact-checker who works in the media has a straightforward but challenging job: make sure all the claims in an article are true. Are simple facts, like the distance between two cities, accurate? Are the quotes correct? Are broader statements true? It’s an important task, and in an era of outright fake news—especially considering the […] More

  • IBM launches cloud tool to detect AI bias

    Cloud giant IBM have launched a tool to identify and detect signs of bias and recommendation adjustments in AI systems (Artificial Intelligence). With this launch, IBM will seek to mitigate AI bias by understanding how algorithms make real-time decisions and which factors are utilized while making final recommendations to enterprises on their dashboards. According to IBM, […] More

  • Google is using AI to predict floods in India and warn users

    For years Google has warned users about pure disasters by incorporating alerts from authorities companies like FEMA into apps like Maps and Search. Now, the corporate is making predictions of its personal. As a part of a partnership with the Central Water Commission of India, Google will now alert users in the nation about impending floods. The service is […] More

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