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  • Alibaba Cloud opens second data centre in India

    Alibaba Cloud opens second data centre in India

    In support of India’s data localisation measures, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has opened its second data centre in India, with a new ‘availability zone’ in Mumbai. Talking about the availability zone, Alibaba said, it is a physical area with the independent power grid, and each one is made up of one or […] More

  • invests $550 million on Google invests $550 million on Google

    Google has been expanding its essence in China as of late, and today it has proceeded with that push by consenting to a vital organization with online business firm which will see Google buy $550 million of offers in the Chinese firm. Google has made interests in China, discharged items there and opened up […] More

  • Alibaba is now a big data play

    Alibaba is now a big data play

    Alibaba is currently the best performer in the market and with big data looming large over Alibaba, it is soon going to surpass many others around it. The ecommerce giant has been able to establish itself as one of the most aggressive players in the share market with a 33 percent growth in the recent […] More

  • Alibaba Cloud expands footprint

    Alibaba Cloud expands footprint in APAC

    Alibaba is surely spreading its network all over the globe and now, its recent venture of opening datacenters across countries like Indonesia and India goes to show that it’s trying to emerge as the biggest player in the retail and eCommerce market. Its latest venture to create a space for its own in the cloud […] More