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  • Nubia Alpha – the World’s First Wearable Smartphone

    The launch of Nubia Alpha in 2019, featuring a flexible OLED display and gesture control, would merge the form factors of a smartphone and smartwatch. There has been enormous hype surrounding the arrival of flexible and/or foldable touchscreen in the market. Recently, Samsung unveiled its new Infinity Flex Display, a display technology that allows a […] More

  • Collaborations & Novel Solutions to Bring Transformation in Mobile Payment Market

    Collaborating with domestic players to expand services and launching innovative solutions such as offline mobile payment to offer ease and convenience to users are prime strategies adopted by market players active in the industry. Mobile payments have become widespread across the world with millions taking advantage of ease and convenience provided. With market players opting […] More

  • Cognitive computing industry progresses as demand increases

    Every sector has identified the importance of utilizing cognitive computing for enhancing the overall efficiency of processes and improve the experience of users. From the medical sector to consumer goods, the utilization of artificial intelligence has become of paramount importance with generations of a huge amount of data. The collaboration with tech giants, acquisition of […] More

  • Industrial Robotics Market Benefits from Automation

    The need for increasing manufacturing quality and speed and reduce production costs has resulted in the development of a new range of machines called industrial robots. Such robots can carry out a host of tasks with accuracy, speed, greater flexibility, and consistent quality. Consequently, they find a wide number of applications in SMEs as well […] More

  • Releasing prototypes create waves in the electric bike industry

    From major Japanese player such as Honda to the startup Revolt Motors, every automobile player has recognized the need of an hour and the future to launch the electric bikes. Electric bikes will become omnipresent in near future with rise in concerns related to environment and growth in awareness among consumers regarding carbon footprint. Major […] More

  • AI capabilities and innovative platforms for fraud detection & prevention

    AI becomes an effective technology in the fraud detection and prevention strategy for any organization. Moreover, innovative platforms have been launched through collaboration to enhance capabilities and spot fraudulent activities in online advertising. With growing online frauds and data theft activities, it has become essentially important to take necessary security measures for detection and prevention. […] More

  • Leverage Mobile Cloud Computing for Optimum Performance

    Cloud computing technology is trending everywhere, and it should be as it allows people and organizations (small and big) to store, access, and manage all sorts of data remotely. All data related activities that earlier used to worry businesses for native server space has been resolved with the advent of cloud computing – this field […] More