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  • Amazon Alexa can aid doctors during surgeries

    Just after Amazon launched its Alexa skill store in the year 2015, the developers have created more than 10000 skills that which enable the users to interact with their Alexa enabled devices. These skills allow the owners of the Echo Dot and Amazon Echo and some other connected devices to utilize the natural language processing […] More

  • Japan the emerging country in Artificial intelligence

    All the things are becoming automated nowadays due to this to make the work less for human robots are introduced. Earlier the robots were given the specific task only and that specific task is done by those robots only but about year ago only we have got the first human-robot named Sophia which has almost […] More

  • The rise of smart, voice-based assistants In India

    The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, NC Naidu is now currently in the fourteen years as a CM. for the first 13 years, which were spread across the two sprints, he resorted to the time consuming approach of seeking a report from the bureaucrat’s every time he wants some of the latest updates about the […] More

  • Amazon Alexa builds an enormous developer ecosystem in India

    Amazon popular voice Assistant device Alexa has now ended up with the 40000 developed in Indian only and 20000 plus skills as the America giant which is raced to capture the smart speaker in the entire country. Moreover, the Jeff Bezos the company is now making any of the stone unturned to gain some of […] More

  • The future of voice recognition: AI-controlled ‘digital twin’

    Speech is a much more natural way of interacting with the devices than poking at the screens and buttons, and its popularity has exploded in the recent years, with the voice-enabled digital assistants now integrated into the virtually every household device imaginable. That growth has been made possible by the works of the companies like […] More

  • Microsoft and Amazon show Cortana and Alexa Integration

    Almost one year ago to the day, Microsoft and Amazon announced a unique partnership. The companies said their Alexa and Cortana personal assistants will become integrated with each other. However, that collaboration has been delayed since, until today. Microsoft today announced how the Cortana/Alexa partnership will work. This has been a long time coming as the […] More

  • Do Humans Have The Capacity For Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Do Humans Have The Capacity For Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    The genius entrepreneur Elon Musk along with 116 other founders of robotics and AI companies recently signed a petition to the UN asking them to take steps to limit weapons control by autonomous robots. On the other hand, Stephen Hawkins said that AI could spell doom for the human race. In an apprehensive scenario like […] More

  • Amazon’s Alexa can now shop for you online

    Now people shopping from Amazon have one more reason to celebrate, in addition to the discounts and the wonderful and diverse stock, of course. The company has recently made it possible for its shoppers to order millions of products from its ecommerce platform by making use of Alexa, Amazon’s native virtual assistant. For people trying […] More

  • How Amazon’s Alexa is Creating the Groundwork For IoT Enabled Homes?

    Most of us who are familiar or even remotely interested in IoT, the names of Google’s Brillo and Intel’s Edison platform is common place. Today, let me introduce a new contender in the consumer space of connected devices. Amazon, the shopping cart of the entire Internet, has made its first step forward into the homes […] More