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  • AWS Drives a New Paradigm with Correct Machine Learning Tools

    Over the previous 10 years, AWS sprang out as a ruler in the cloud computing space and carried on dominating the market. According to the recent market report, cloud revenue hiked up to $70 billion, the pious year and out of this, AWS cornered the largest share. Also, 2018 appeared to be a successful mark […] More

  • Five changes in cloud computing that every CEO must know

    Five changes in cloud computing that every CEO must know

    Here are the five biggest changes in cloud computing that every CEO must prepare to maximize opportunities and optimize their business. The emergence of cloud computing is one of the most significant changes in information technology today, especially for business. But like a real cloud moving across the horizon, the technology keeps changing. Here are […] More

  • AWS boosts ties with Indian partners to increase its services

    Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, the cloud division of the US-based ecommerce giant Amazon, has revealed that India has seen tremendous growth for the last two years, thereby making it one of the most essential markets for the company. “Our business in the Asia-Pacific region has seen growth with markets like India, […] More

  • Top Companies in Cloud Computing League

    Cloud computing has become one of the most rampant platforms used by firms all over the world. Potential abilities of cloud computing are limitless. Cloud computing platform offers various beneficiaries to firms with multiple businesses. All organizations from high-end to low-end have begun to utilize cloud computing in order to increase their productivity, value and […] More

  • Amazon’s cloud with AI going to give benefit to Formula 1 Races

    Amazon Web Services Inc. are getting stronger to hold the best position in public cloud field by joining Formula One Group as its biggest pavilion customer. Formula 1 is planning to shift most of there imperative information systems to AWS cloud for take the benefit of cloud’s machine learning and data analysis services. Formula 1 […] More

  • High-density storage Technology for Dropbox Cloud

    Dropbox is patching up its distributed storage framework to exploit higher-limit stockpiling innovation, which it expects will diminish its server farm impression and cut expenses. The famous distributed storage and cooperation organization’s foundation group is supplanting conventional capacity drives with higher-limit Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) drives. It took very nearly three years for the group […] More

  • Greenlake a new hybrid cloud management service by HPE

    Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co. is getting into the crossbreed cloud administration amusement, propelling an arrangement of expert administrations today called HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud. The offering is intended to enable clients to oversee and enhance workloads facilitated in both open and on-premises mists, the organization said. HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, which bolsters Amazon Web Services Inc., […] More

  • AWS and Signing up for a Domain Name

    AWS and Signing up for a Domain Name One of the many AWS available to users is the ability to sign up for a domain name with Route 53. Getting a domain name is one of the Amazon Web Services that will require a fee, even if you are in your trial year. Why? Because […] More