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  • Top 10 cloud service provider of the world

    The world is moving towards the era of creating the virtual world and here all the data will be stored digitally, which means data will be on the internet. In the traditional method, data are kept on servers which have some disadvantages such as; due to this, their investment and the maintenance cost have increased, […] More

  • How machine learning is solving delivery Issues for Amazon

     With more than 100 million users on its platform, Amazon knows that Indian buy and how one part of the region different from the other. The key area of driving this know-how is data, which is even propelled by the company own machine learning initiatives. These measures will also lay the foundation of the artificial […] More

  • AWS helping Indian businesses drive innovation via AI

    With the several range of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tool at its disposal, AWS, the cloud arm of the online retail giant Amazon, is nowadays busy in helping its customers in India which also brings to their doorsteps the innovative solutions that address the challenges which they face. Amazon India Services Private Limited, the […] More

  • Why Amazon Kindle is most loved among Bookworms

    What is kindle? Well, we can refer to it as a device, which in this age of internet bombing has continued with the good habit of reading books among people. If you have not got this yet, this device is an e-book reader which can download, buy, translate, store, and transfer books and magazines of […] More

  • Amazon-Go-Revolution

    Amazon India Plans To Become An Insurance Agent

    After making its mark in the Indian e-commerce industry, global online retailer Amazon has set its eyes on the Indian insurance sector. Amazon India wants to start selling life, health, and general insurance, as revealed by its filings with the Registrar of Companies (RoC). The company is aiming to carry out the business of soliciting, procuring, and servicing […] More

  • Amazon go revolution

    Amazon India launches Hindi website, app in battle with Flipkart

    US-based e-commerce giant Amazon has launched the Hindi version of its mobile website and app for its new customers based in smaller cities. It was earlier reported that Amazon was testing mobile website in Hindi, to target vernacular customers. According to Amazon executives, the website is now available in five international languages, including English and Hindi. “Of the […] More

  • Amazon India starts small pilot for mobile site in Hindi

    In a move to onboard the next generation of online users from the tier 2 & 3 cities, Amazon India has started experimenting with a Hindi interface for its mobile website. According to a Google and KPMG report in April 2017, English language users in India are expected to reach around 200 million, while Indian language users are expected to […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence – A new human talent for Companies

    The observation of automation sits at the center of infinite exciting technologies, giving area for risk-taking and innovation. Sadly, instead of deploying AI in significant ways that, firms have co-opted the automation AI that makes it attainable to power cost-cutting efforts. Sadly, this has nothing to try and do with the technology. By relegation automation […] More

  • Skills development in Singapore to boost AWS

    Conducted by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) LearningHub the small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs) in Singapore’s city state will help cope up with the new generated technological disruption through their two new training courses which also include about applying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help boost their businesses. The Singapore’s labour movement also […] More

  • After Flipkart Deal, Amazon plan to Invest $5B in INDIA

    Amazon Accelerates the Appreciation Value of Indian E-Commerce Industry by $ 202 Billion Jeff Bezos of Amazon has had become the richest CEO with glossy personality to entice Generation Z. He expects that there will be a new venture in collaboration with Indian participants to drive the vehicle of success in starting much compatible business […] More

  • Top 5 cloud computing monitoring tools

    Top 5 cloud computing monitoring tools

    There is hardly any shortage when it comes to monitoring tools of cloud computing. There are several of such tools. But it is necessary to figure out the most suitable tool from the range, and as years have passed, experts have used majority of the tools, thus coming to a conclusion regarding their favorites. Amazon […] More

  • With Whole Foods Purchase, Amazon Just Bought a Playground for Big Data

    With Whole Foods Purchase, Amazon Just Bought a Playground for Big Data

    When it is big data, it is not simply online data that circulates through the various consumer networks. It can also be offline data which may well be of utmost significance and hence, bringing it online can be an important move. Amazon has thought of it earlier than anyone else and hence, its acquisition of […] More

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