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  • Top 5 Features of iOS 12

    iOS 12, the newest version of Apple OS was introduced on 4th June 2018 at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. With the introduction to the new OS, Apple also introduced some new features with it. The company has brought improvements in performance and quality, introduced new features like Memoji, Group FaceTime, Augmented Reality (ARkit 2.0), better […] More

  • Apple Maps Traffic Info Expands to Six New Countries

    Apple Maps the Cupertino giant’s native navigation mobile app, is rolling out traffic information to six new countries during the end of this week. The app is now going to available in more than 70 countries worldwide, traffic data on Apple Maps has been made available for six new countries which mainly includes, Brunei, Kenya, […] More

  • Apple Announces $300 Million Clean Energy Fund in China

    One of the largest smartphone manufacturer, Apple said on Friday that it has established a fund to invest nearly $300 million which is roughly Rs. 2,000 crores over the next four years to connect its Chinese suppliers for the work of renewable energy as Beijing pushes an anti-pollution drive. The America based giant company said […] More

  • Apple joins Siri and Artificial Intelligence

    Apple is joining its artificial intelligence team with Siri in one singular unit which is going to be led by former Google LLC executive John Giannandrea . Giannandrea was the former head of Google’s search and artificial intelligence, lone of the leading Apple’s machine learning and understanding branch to inculcate in day to day life. […] More

  • Apple launches 5 Macs and 5 iPads in Euraisa

    Apple is coming with their new Macs and iPad’s and has registered their new launches at Eruaisa Economic Commission (EEC). This registration mainly include Apple orientated systems versions that are actually new- term launch. On July 4, Apple has registered brand new tablets with model identifying number A1876, A 1994, A1979, A 2013, A2014, these […] More

  • IOS 12 features from Beta Versions

    Being introduced to the latest versions of the iOS is always a treat.  With the latest version of iOS being launched, it has created a stir in the market. Everyone is eyeing on the new details and features that are coming along with it. So, let us take a tour of the new added features. […] More

  • Qualcomm vs Apple legal Fight on NSG and 5G

    A long-running fight in court amongst Apple and Qualcomm over patent permitting expenses has taken an astonishing swing because of 5G and national security contemplations, Bloomberg reports. The innovation organizations went head to head today at an International Trade Commission hearing in Washington, D.C. that could hinder the import of certain iPhones that are asserted […] More

  • 10 Key Highlights of the WWDC 2018

    The WWDC which held at San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center has spme scrounging insights as Apple launches the new iOS 12 update. Let’s look at those top ten highlights of the keynote:- 1.Mac OS Dark Mode The dark mode in a Mac OS Mojave is small but it changes everything in the UI and it […] More

  • Apple WWDC 2018 images,

    Apple WWDC 2018 – What to expect this time

    The most famous apples WWDC is going to be held at San Jose’s McEnery Convention Centre next week which happens every June and is the second major developer conference of the season. Something that the audience is hooked up on is the focal point of the Monday keynote during which the apple company will lay […] More

  • Apple finally confirms it is working on self-driving car technology1

    Apple finally confirms it is working on self-driving car technology

    Apple has set precedence in a lot of things in the last few decades, ranging from phones, operating systems, desktops, laptops and many more outstanding technological achievements. Recently, after much speculation, it has been confirmed that Apple is definitely working on the autonomous driving technology and they will surely add something new to the already […] More

  • Apple boosts business appeal of podcasts with new analytics

    Apple boosts business appeal of podcasts with new analytics in iOS 11

    The iOS 11 has created more than a buzz for Apple because of its fascinating aspects in terms of upgrade, but the true impact of it has not been discussed until now, when Apple itself pointed out that iOS 11 comes with a crucial feature that will have significant impact on business as the new […] More

  • Meet HomePod: Apple’s Voice First Platform

    Meet HomePod: Apple’s Voice First Platform

    The $349 worth of HomePod is the newest addition to the large line of Apple Products. It is a smart home device which will compete with The Echo, released in 2015, and Google Home, released last year. The HomePod will feature Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver the highest-fidelity sound throughout the room. […] More

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