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  • Industry 4.0 for beginners

    Introduction on Industrial Revolution In case you have not been living under a rock for the past several years, you have probably heard the term “fourth industrial revolution”, or simply “Industry 4.0”. The term is closely tied to technological breakthroughs and constant improvements of the way we produce products, its digitization, and manufacturing. You may […] More

  • Eolo: the electric car that recharges with wind energy

    On innovations that are made for an electric car, there are numerous that focus on discovering the most efficient way to recharge the batteries when the car is running. An illustration is the recharge from the regenerative braking or electric car prototypes that include solar panels in its construction. As of now is one of […] More

  • Self Driving cars for transportation is targeted by 2020

    Knowing the fact that self- driven cars are the future in the field of transportation. There are some reports which states that around 10 million vehicles based on self- driven system are going to run on the roads by the year 2020. They will help in moving passengers from one place to another place, just […] More

  • Ford to release mass-market autonomous car in 2021

    One of the largest automobile manufacturer, Ford has released a long 44-page report about the future plans for the autonomous vehicles which it is going to launch. The name of the report has been given as “A Matter of Trust”, as the company says that ‘trust’ is the central challenge which should be take care […] More

  • Bosch and Foreca’s in self-driving cars predicts Road conditions

    It is easy for humans to drive in more bitter conditions, but its very difficult to do same foe self- driven car- Google talked about Waymo’s prototypes experiences the feel of cold and saw snow for the first time in this year. This is reason behind why an electronic company Bosch is partnering with Foreca, […] More

  • Waymo’s Autonomous vehicles are driving 25,000 Miles/Day

    Waymo is the former self driving project by Google which turned into a massive business with the help of Alphabet, which have given the ride for driver of 8 million miles on the roads for public by driving autonomous vehicles/ The CEO of Waymo Mr. John Krafchik had given detail about the milestone which the […] More

  • Audi is in partnership with Israel’s startup Cognata

    Audi a German carmaker company has partnered with an autonomous vehicle simulation provider Cognata Ltd to enhance the growth of self-governing vehicle. The Cognata Ltd is Israel based startup stated that its simulation vehicle is going to create city of real world, we will be providing various methods of testing systems, which include various traffic […] More

  • Do Humans Have The Capacity For Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Do Humans Have The Capacity For Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    The genius entrepreneur Elon Musk along with 116 other founders of robotics and AI companies recently signed a petition to the UN asking them to take steps to limit weapons control by autonomous robots. On the other hand, Stephen Hawkins said that AI could spell doom for the human race. In an apprehensive scenario like […] More

  • IoT in India: What Are the Top Sectors To Watch Out For?

    There is no doubting the fact that after the smartphone bubble has burst, which from recent reports by IDC, seems like it has; the next tech revolution to take the entire world by storm will be IoT. India, home to 1.2 billion people, will be home to 700 million smartphone users by 2020. And by […] More