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  • Can Big Data gives an advantage over the competition?

    Research by McKinsey showed that businesses that take full advantage of Big data stand the chance to realize a 60% increase in their operating margins. According to the research, if the US healthcare use big data creatively and effectively, they can drive efficiency and quality in the sector in the tune of $300 billion in […] More

  • Healthcare IoT, analytics, and mobile engagement: An optimistic panorama

    The healthcare industry is highly uncertain owing to the constantly changing regulations, reimbursement, and standards, especially regarding interoperability and care qualities. By the end of 2017, it was predicted that the healthcare institutes are expected to focus on advanced technologies to provide efficient and high quality care. The growing opioid epidemic due opioid overdose is […] More

  • Subex signs up major African telco for its analytics

    Subex, which is a Telecom Analytics firm has now revealed a deal with the Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, one of the African nation leading telecom operators, for the deployment of its Analytics Centre of Trust solution. With the help of this deployment, Econet will now be able to improve in operation efficiency by using the analytics […] More

  • Fintech Based Debt Collection Startups Help In Increasing Recovery Rate

    This might be the first time ever when you are hearing about the term Fin tech debt collection startups. These forms of startup companies are actually transforming the entire dated industry, which was actually relying on the archaic methods of the practice over here. There are some of the industrial based disruptors, which have seen […] More

  • Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: will it be a hit?

    Data analytics is one of the booming technologies in the world lately. Health care analytics is the information of a person regarding previous medical issues and upcoming complications. It also gives information about the person’s medication previously. It provides PGHD (patient-generated health data) which can be the key part of continuous disease management. Fortunately, advances […] More

  • What is Augmented Analytics and Can it Add Value to BI Tools?

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word ‘augment’ this way: ‘to make greater, more numerous, larger or more intense’. If you are wondering how this applies to the term ‘augmented analytics’, you are not alone. Let’s take a closer look at Augmented Analytics and talk about why it has gotten so much attention in the business […] More

  • How Restaurants Are Using Big Data

    How Restaurants Are Using Big Data

    Big data is driving business decisions than ever before. Many restaurants are showing interest in big data for enhancing their business. But some major brands like A&W which is 100 years old don’t see the benefits of certain tools. For restaurant operations, you don’t have to go with the bulk amount of data containing employee […] More

  • Zoho Launches ‘Zoho Commerce’ for small retailers

    Zoho Corporation has now revealed the launch of the Zoho Commerce, which is an ecommerce solution that will be going to help the small retailers to set up their ecommerce sites. The company has been using a beta version of the ecommerce solution for the past couple of years with the 4000 retailers across the […] More

  • Necessary Components of an Advanced Analytics Solution?

    Business markets and competition are moving much more quickly these days and predicting, planning and forecasting is more important than ever. It is also important to ensure that every team member is a real asset to the organization and can contribute their knowledge and skill with full Insight into the effects and outcome of activities […] More

  • Big Data

    Top 10 Advantages of Big Data in Financial Sectors

    Big data can be described as huge volumes of structured or unstructured data whose analysis can enable businesses to make strategic decisions. A proper understanding of big data through reporting can help businesses make significant progress and make better and more successful decisions in areas such as finance, human resources, customer service, and more. The […] More

  • How Data Analytics Is Helping Dairy Farms

    How Data Analytics Is Helping Dairy Farms

    Do you know Data Analytics plays a prominent role in Dairy production rates? Use of data analytics not only yield financial benefits but for improving the health of animals thereby improving milk yield. Integrated dairy farm of Mid Valley Foods demonstrated this. All the records about health, breeding, individual cow’s milk production, changes in milk […] More

  • Proven, Rapid ROI Assures Project Funding for Augmented Analytics Projects

    As business organizations fight for competitive advantage, funding for projects and large expenditures can fall by the wayside. In today’s competitive business market, every senior executive looks at risk, value and calculations like return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) before approving a budget. When it comes to Advanced Analytics, businesses large […] More

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