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    5 Business Web Design Trends Inspired by Big Data Analytics

    There is a lot of buzz around Big Data these days. Big data is the combination of methods and tools to manage large datasets. These data can be both structured and unstructured. They may have meaning or not. They are automatically generated by e-commerce stores, search engines, social media platforms, applications and websites to study […] More

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    Ginjer up With SenRa’s Low-Cost IoT Analytics Platform

    SenRa, a PAN India Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) provider for long range-based (LoRa®-based) IoT applications, today announced the release of their new low-cost IoT analytics platform, Ginjer. With the availability of Ginjer, SenRa is now able to provide customers with true end-to-end IoT solution offerings while still ensuring a very competitive price. SenRa, a PAN […] More

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    Is Advanced Analytics the Next Logical Step Beyond Self-Serve Business Intelligence?

    Many organizations have grown comfortable with their business intelligence solution, and find it difficult to justify the need for advanced analytics. The advantages of advanced analytics are numerous and those advantages are based on the ability to further improve the business, increase user adoption (and therefore user empowerment and accountability) and, best of all, improve […] More

  • How Big Data Is Influencing Social Media Marketing nowadays?

    How Big Data Is Influencing Social Media Marketing ?

    The sole purpose of social media is to connect with friends remotely. But nowadays the purpose seems to have changed. Besides connecting with friends it became a platform for advertisement. Not only its a campaign for attracting customers but also inputs are to be gathered for the planning of social media strategies in future. By […] More

  • Big data – 2019 will see a big shift in big tech

    Big data – 2019 will see a big shift in big tech

    A countless number of retail and office outlets currently use electronic boxes with patches that glow solid green. Employees mark their presence by pressing one finger on the unshakable green eye with the help of big data. More and more smartphones offer ‘face unlock’ as a standard feature: this phone has software that can be […] More

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the tickling of Big Data analytics!

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the tickling of Big Data analytics!

    Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the two technologies that have proven their mettle to the world. They have transformed the way how the world functions, and it is believed that these two along technologies, along with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Things etc. is sure to bring a lot of benefit to the […] More

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    Big Data Help Enterprises to Reduce Costs

    With the rising popularity of digital business world, data is generated from multiple channels, making it extremely difficult to evaluate them and extract conclusions. However, analyzing data has become an essential part to leverage business significantly & gain a competitive advantage. Research says organizations that rely on big data-driven business strategy can gain insights faster […] More

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    Integrate Your Social Media Marketing with Data Science

    Over 50 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with customers, Twitter hosts 336 active accounts, while YouTube has 1.8 billion logged-in monthly active users. Social media dominates the space as a tool that has extensive reach and an enormous audience, most of who access their accounts on a personal device. Considering apps are the […] More

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    How Analytics Insures The Insurance Industry?s

    Insurance industry requires plenty of information to stay competitive among their peers. For your insurance business the next generation data solutions can help you collect and process huge amounts of the data in something very actionable intelligence. The insurance companies have got no physical products for managing and manufacturing. In this scenario, the data from […] More

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    Big data storage start-ups to watch in 2018!

    Big data storage startups have started focusing on more sophisticated solutions rather than the generic way of dealing with data analytics. Lately, new data startups have been emerging and this has significantly boosted the businesses all over the world. New startups that made their inception in the recent years have eventually become the major players […] More

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    Analytics startup Goals101 raises $3.5 M

    New Delhi-based big data analytics startup Goals101 has raised around ₹25 crores ($3.5 million) in pre-series A round from US-based venture capital firm Nexus Venture Partners. This round, which was completed a few months back, makes Nexus a significant minority stakeholder in Goals101. The funds raised will be used to boost technology and data science capabilities. It is further expanding […] More

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    Big Data Is An Effective Step To Innovate Customer Journey!

    Big Data analytics is one of the hottest trends in the market at the moment. There is a lot that Big Data analytics has to offer to the businesses. It is used by the corporates to grow. Proper use of Big Data has proven to help the firms in unbelievable ways. On one hand, Big […] More

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