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  • Big Data: The Next Big Step in the Latest Innovation

    As we all know that the Data analytics is observing a paradigm shift in the way analytics which is being handled by leveraging data to the benefit of a business. Big data, which is the ledger of the humongous data, is hence a key player in determining how and when Business Intelligence will shoot up […] More

  • big data and customer

    Big Data Is An Effective Step To Innovate Customer Journey!

    Big Data analytics is one of the hottest trends in the market at the moment. There is a lot that Big Data analytics has to offer to the businesses. It is used by the corporates to grow. Proper use of Big Data has proven to help the firms in unbelievable ways. On one hand, Big […] More

  • How Retailers Uses Big Data

    With all the personalized ads popping up on Facebook and Google, It should come as no surprise that big box retailers like Wal-Mart and other franchises use big data too. Their store networks track data about customer purchases to make the store more efficient and tailored to customer needs. If you’ve ever been shopping and […] More

  •  Challenges business facing to implement AI

    Everyone, there’re pros and cons of every technology in the world— and artificial intelligence or AI is of no difference to the rule. But, it becomes important as the technology producers and consumers to identify such challenges and reduce minimize the risks associated and also ensure that we will take complete benefit of the technology. […] More

  • How to deal with big data explosion

    Systems in the production plant produce huge gigabytes of data daily. Even the single machines will deliver huge amount of information in just some seconds. What the companies must do with this amount of data? Analyze, archive, or delete? Big Data Solutions and Intelligence systems Collecting huge amount of data in the terabytes, or petabytes, […] More

  • Trends Driving the future of BigData in 2018

    Big Data Analytics is a method of uncovering hidden patterns. The right Big Data service will help interpret unknown correlations, market trends and other necessary information. It deals with the examination of large sets of data differing in types. This process is majorly used by companies in order to maximize their business benefits. What is […] More

  • Big Data – The Best Resource for Organizations

    In today’s growing digital world, there is an explosion of data from the web, emails, news, documents, GPS, industrial equipment and machinery, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and various other sources. Organizations around the world harness these data, which is collectivity known as big data, and store it for meaningful reuse. Big […] More

  • ARM will be buying the Treasure of Data

    ARM Holdings Plc is a UK- based chip maker company which said in a statement that they have finally acquired a US- based data analytic company named Treasure Data Inc. and this deal is having the worth of $600 million. Both the companies have made this announcement official. With the help of some unknown sources, […] More

  • Revamp Your Online Presence Through Big Data Analytics!

    Big Data is turning out to be a driving force of an analytical revolution in the world. Big Data is nothing but the capturing of a large amount of, and complex data related to, or useful for a firm. Now, this data captured is recorded, analyzed and worked upon to churn out better strategies for […] More

  • Business of Loyalty Using Big Data to Measure Sentiment Across Loyalty Programs2

    Business of Loyalty: Using Big Data to Measure Sentiment Across Loyalty Programs

    Loyalty programs used to have a different meaning once upon a time when the new travellers were always the target of all discounts and offers. However, as time has shifted, businesses have understood that the customers who shell out more for the products are more likely to be loyal to the brand and hence, rather […] More

  • Things that big data can tell mortgage traders about you

    Things that big data can tell mortgage traders about you

    Almost everyone takes a loan to buy a house and you probably are no exception. Hence, property transaction can throw up the most diverse sets of data which circulates in loan filings, marketing firms as well as courts and numerous other sources. This data is invaluable for the loan traders who deals with mortgage bonds. […] More

  • Big Data' Transformation Asset Management

    Big Data’ Fueling Transformation in Asset Management

    Keeping track of existing data assets is increasingly difficult, but detailed curation of this vital company information can help streamline evolving digital governance processes. While on the other hand, AI has been playing a growing role in capital markets over the past 15 years. The term most commonly refers to the development of computer systems […] More