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    What is Augmented Data Science and Its Important to My Business

    If Data Science was once the sole domain of analysts and data scientists, Augmented Data Science represents the democratized view of this domain. With Augmented Data Science, the average business user can engage with advanced analytics tools that allow for automated machine learning (AutoML) and leverage sophisticated analytical techniques and algorithms in a guided environment […] More

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    India’s startup ecosystem magnetized towards B2B startups 

    Umesh Sachdev, 33, knows a well sophisticated way to work the steps. The co-founder of Uniphore Software Systems, a little-known, Chennai-based startup that is known to use technologies like speech recognition for lending a hand on enhancing user experience for enterprises that manage to get hold of a formidable brand ambassador who also performs duties […] More

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    Digital Transformation in Small Businesses

    Do you remember the time when taxi sharing companies were not yet arrived? Back then, social media channels were struggling to make their way to the prevailing audience. Businesses were not into the implementation of a various mobile strategy or social media strategy and have limited customer engagement channels to deal with. No one can ever visualize that type of world […] More

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    How A Serviced Office Can Speed Up Your Work Flow

    Finding new office space that can accommodate your business’s needs can take several months and can be quite an orchestration. In fact, for many who have traversed the path of the looking for office space in an environment that provides a mixed bag of choices, searching for office space can take at least nine months, […] More

  • 5 Major Business Trends In Cloud Computing

    5 Major Business Trends In Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing established itself in 2018 as an important platform for many businesses who want to build innovative services. However, there is still progress that must be made before the operating system in the cloud can really be seen as a business activity as usual. Will we reach that point in 2019? Five experts give […] More

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    AI Chatbots and Cross Channel Marketing Top 2 Areas for India

    ValueFirst Digitial Media Pvt Ltd, which is one of the largest B2B enterprise communication platform and services company has launched its annual digital marketing research report 2019 with the titled as ‘Digitial Dexterity.’ With this, the 9th annual state of the online marketing in India study, DMAasia which is a leading industry association and Octane […] More

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    7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business in 2019

    Everyone in this fussy world wants to establish his/her own business and want to be successful. But there are many points that one should consider before getting into the business. Firstly the management is very important that how we manage our business it will make or break it. Most of us assume results by that […] More

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    Data Lakes vs Data Warehouses: How Are They Different?

    In recent years, there has been much discussion about data lakes and data warehouses, with data scientists and business leaders from all over the world chiming in and providing their two cents’ worth regarding how each of these types of data repositories can be of benefit to organizations for high-level data storage. Let’s take a […] More

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    10 Advantages of Securing a Business Phone Number

    Some business owners and their representatives believe the trends in securing a business phone number has changed dramatically. In fact, as time passes, some people even think that these numbers are currently on life support. However, though these trends may seem to be factual, it is not really true since a business phone number is […] More

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    Dell Fosters Inclusive Environment for Women Entrepreneurs in India

    Dell has launched a new Dell Women Entrepreneur Network and in collaboration with the Springboard enterprises, which is hosted by a women funding women global event for the first time in Bangalore today. The event featured a network of investors, influencers and innovators who are dedicated to building high growth companies led by the women. […] More

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    Impact of AI Technology on the Economy and Business

    AI brought $700 billion to companies – Gartner In April, 2018, Gartner analytical agency published the results of a study showing how much companies in the world have earned money through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Experts assessed the commercial value of AI systems in companies representing various industries. The sum is made up […] More

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    Things you should do as a startup business

    Businesses are all about risks and returns. The most important objective of any business is to make the contemplations on the maximization of the profits. However, when it comes to a small business or a startup it is usually said that these businesses have the lowest margins of taking risks and making mistakes. It is […] More

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